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iPad mini 7: discover the perspectives of Apple’s tiny tablet

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Apple’s smallest iPad received a substantial makeover in late 2021. The sixth generation iPad mini sports a complete redesign incorporating an edge-to-edge display with no Home button, Touch ID on the power button, the adding USB C instead of Lightning and an increased display size. This was perhaps the biggest design change since the iPad mini was first introduced in 2012. The mini celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022 without an update, but a new seventh-generation iPad mini appears to be sure for 2023.

iPad mini 7 release date: When will the new iPad mini be released?

There haven’t been many rumors regarding the next version of the iPad mini, so at the moment it remains mere speculation as to when it might arrive. To give you an idea, here’s when the latest models made their debut:

Sixth generation iPad mini: September 2021
iPad mini 5th generation: September 2019
iPad mini 4th generation: September 2015

As you can see, September is the traditional month for the new iPad mini to appear. Based on the gap between the last two generations, we might have a new iPad mini in September 2023.

But we may not have to wait that long. According to LeaksApplePro (via Gizchina), we could see a new iPad mini in the first half of 2023, so a spring launch is possible.

iPad mini 7 price: How much will the new iPad mini cost?

The arrival of the redesigned 6th generation iPad mini has seen a price increase over the previous model. Then, when Apple introduced the new iPad and iPad Pro models in October 2022, the price (outside the US) increased even more.

Here’s how the price of the 6th and 5th generation compared:

iPad mini 6th generation: £479 / $499 (Now: £569 in the UK See: Is Apple screwing the rest of the world?5th generation iPad mini: £379 / $399

Since Apple has already made the leap to the new style and new features in the sixth generation and raised the price again outside the US, we think it likely that the price will remain the same for the seventh generation, although it is still possible that the The US could see price increases.

iPad mini 7 design and display: Will the iPad mini have a new look?

It’s been surprisingly quiet on the rumor front, with very few online reports from the usual leakers and insider sources that have proven to be rich earners in years past. Here’s what we were able to find out.

Display with 120Hz refresh rate and ProMotion

The screen shouldn’t change from the current 8.3 inches, but there may be new screen technology. A post on the South Korean site in November 2021 indicated that Apple had ordered 8.3-inch displays from Samsung that support Maximum refresh rates of 120Hz. If true, the post on Customer (translated here) could mean that the upcoming mini offers the ProMotion ultra-smooth scrolling feature currently seen on the iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. That would solve the minor problem of “jelly flow” which some users have complained about with the current iPad mini.

However, it doesn’t appear that this particular rumor is accurate. Analyst Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, doesn’t believe Apple will give the iPad mini a ProMotion display just yet. He indicates that this would require significant hardware changes. This would require a “whole new level of engineering,” according to Young.

We remain rather skeptical of this, however, as “jelly scrolling” is pretty standard on LCD displays, where text appears to wobble as you scroll up and down pages, as it’s the nature of how displays update images. Also, ProMotion is one of the differentiators between the standard and Pro devices sold by Apple.

New colors

origin 1The iPad mini will likely keep the same design for several generations.


One of the most noticeable changes to the 6th generation iPad mini has been the new color palette that Apple has made available.

While you can currently choose from space gray, pink, purple and starlight, there are several interesting shades available on the fourth generation iPad Air which also received a new look in Fall 2021. These include silver, rose gold, green and light blue . . It would therefore seem reasonable to assume that some of these come in mini format, giving an immediate boost to customer options.

Now that the 10th generation iPad is here with a bold selection of colors to choose from, the iPad mini may need to up its game.

iPad mini 7 specs: What features will the iPad mini have?

In a Twitter post in November 2021, FronTron hinted that a “Pro” ‌iPad mini‌ could feature the following specifications:

8.3-inch ProMotion display with up to 120Hz refresh rate A15 Bionic chip clocked at 3.23GHz 4GB of memory Storage starting at 128GB

Professional features

As per FronTron’s post above, we could see some of the features of the iPad Pro models trickle down to its smaller cousin. It has even been suggested that Apple may release an iPad mini Pro model. If so, we could see the iPad mini featuring a LiDAR scanner, Face ID, M1 processors, additional cameras, audio zoom, and brighter displays.

However, we think it’s more likely that Apple will keep them for the pros, but even if one or two make it to mini, that would make the new model a very attractive proposition.

More storage space

On the current 6th-generation iPad mini, the base model starts with a rather paltry 64GB of storage. For a device like an iPad, where you can store movies, TV shows, books, comics, magazines, games, and a wide variety of apps, that amount can often become a pain, especially if you want to take your iPad away on vacation or use it for your travels without having to manage storage space.

While Apple has a history of giving base models low storage capacities, we think it would be a wise move to upgrade the entry-level seventh-generation iPad mini to at least 128GB. File sizes are growing all the time, thanks to higher quality cameras and software, so doubling the existing 64GB would be a very affordable solution for consumers.

In this sense, there is also the possibility that the upper limit of the storage space could be increased. At the time of writing, the most available storage on the 6th generation iPad mini is 256GB. Upgrading to 512GB would be the logical step, especially if your base storage jumps to 128GB.

Improved processor

The iPad mini 6 offers the A15 Bionic chip as found in the iPhone 13, however, this chip is clocked lower than the one inside the iPhone 13. It is possible that the next iPad mini model could offer an A15 improved (perhaps an A15 bionic) or new model launches may offer the same chip as the iPhone 14 series (say A16). As suggested by FronTron, perhaps a 3.23GHz chip can be expected.

We don’t expect the iPad mini to feature an M1 chip, like the one found in the iPad Pro, but perhaps it’s something Apple could consider in the future.

Better battery life

It has been suggested that if the new iPad mini uses ProMotion it will reduce battery drain, however, it doesn’t appear that ProMotion will be coming to the iPad mini any time soon, so Apple will need to look elsewhere to improve battery life. However, Apple has maintained a 10-hour battery life for every iPad it ever releases, so don’t expect much in the way of breakthrough.

We’ll update this article as more details become available, but until then, be sure to read ours iPad Buying Guide to see which models we recommend if you want to buy one of Apple’s tablets today. And check out our roundup of best deals for iPad and iPad mini offers for the latest bargains on the current range.