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iOS app developers can now charge as little as 29 cents or as much as $10,000

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Ever since the App Store arrived in 2008, there have been very specific price tiers set by Apple. Apps start at just under a dollar, go up in dollar increments and go as high as $999. As part of the “most comprehensive update to pricing features since the App Store first launched,” Apple is changing this in a big way, adding about 700 new price points.

On the low end, it means developers can now charge as little as 29 cents for an app or any price in $0.10 increments up to $10. Prices over $0.99 no longer have to end in 99 either. , which according to Apple will be “especially useful for managing packages and annual plans”. Developers can also change up to $10,000 for an app, with an additional 100 price points higher, but they’ll need to get approval from Apple.

Prices will also be able to dynamically adjust around the world. As Apple explains, a developer can set a specific price for the region of their choice and “update their prices outside the country as foreign currencies and tax rates change.” Developers will also be able to set the availability of in-app purchases by country.

The new price points will be available for apps that offer auto-renewing subscriptions starting today and will roll out to all other apps and in-app purchases in Spring 2023.