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Inventing Anna, the actress and the fake heiress met in prison

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Anna Delvey, the fake heiress told in the series Inventing Anna of Netflixgets back to being talked about. After declaring that yes, crime pays, as the platform has offered her hundreds of thousands of dolars for the rights of the story, the scammer continues to disclose the relationship with the project. Designed by Shonda Rhimes, mom of Grey’s Anatomy And Bridgertonthe latter faithfully traces the criminal career of the girl, who for years passed off as an aristocrat of German origins, defrauding hotels, brands and VIPs, until her arrest.

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31-year-old Anna Delvey connected to the podcast Forbidden Fruits by Julia Fox and Niki Takesh from Orange County Jail where she is serving her sentence. For the occasion, you said that the 32-year-old actress Julia Garner, who plays her on TV, she went to see her behind bars: “I find it really adorable. She visited me and she is really a very sweet girl ». For the occasion – the only one in which they were able to meet in person – Garner also asked her for advice on reproducing her accent. “Anyway, she tells me in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. I spent the last four in the United States, surrounded by Americans, so maybe my accent was different.” And she adds: «In this period I can hardly speak German because I only speak English. At the time, I spoke in French, German and English on a daily basis ».

In reality Anna Delvey was released from jail a year ago and then returned to prison to serve as a non-regular immigrant.

For its part, thanks to the magic touch of Shondaland, Julia Garner, already known for Ozark, earned a first-class ticket to Hollywood Olympus. He has surpassed the first million followers on Instagram, has earned testimonial contracts with brands of the caliber of Prada and for sure soon we will see her in some blockbuster at the cinema.

A few days ago the actress had told Variety other details of the meeting with Anna: «I immediately understood that he is a very private person, who absolutely does not reveal his cards. Not that I had any expectations of her answering my questions, but I still wanted to capture her spirit and energy and encapsulate them in the series. ” To then specify: «Now she lends herself to more video interviews but before people did not know her version of the facts about her. And I think, for better or for worse, it’s okay to listen to the other bell before talking about something. It is important that people know it ».

If Anna hadn’t been so shrewd she would not have come close to launching a phony art association entitled Anna Delvey Foundation for which he collected huge donations. She is – as the actress says – «one who came very close to us. She is really awake. ‘

Not enough, however, to cheat the law: in 2019 Anna was found guilty of eight counts, sentenced to serve from 4 to 12 years in prison and to pay a fine of 24,000 dollars in addition to 200,000 in restitution of damages. After 4 years behind bars, released for good behavior in February 2021, she remained in the United States with an expired visa, which is why she went back inside her. Since then, in addition to the contract with Netflix, earned a column for Insider in which he recounts his life in prison on a monthly basis.