Internet Download Manager (IDM) -idm training is a download manager program and it is one of the most useful programs for those who download something frequently over the internet because it is in English. One of the most important features of Internet Download Manager (IDM), which you can install unattended, with one click, is that it allows you to download files faster than Internet browsers’ downloads, so this program, which comes to the fore by many, is the highest possible. It is possible to download any file you want on the internet with speed. With this program, which offers you many features, you can interrupt your downloads at any time and continue where you left off. Not only that, you can limit your downloads with speed limitation and continue downloading your files without slowing down your internet speed. With Internet Download Manager (IDM), your files continue to download, even if you are not at your computer, and your computer can be set to shut down automatically after the download is complete.