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You can thus benefit, for any new subscription, from the SFR Fiber offer with an SFR Box 7 at 16 euros per month for one year, before switching to 38 euros per month. The commitment is 10 months, so you can leave when the promotion ends. With SFR Box 7, you benefit from a speed of up to 500 Mb / s, sending and downloading, and a 4K image on 160 channels and TV services included. In addition, calls are unlimited to landlines in mainland France and the overseas departments, and to more than 100 countries, such as those of the European Union or even the United States, China, Morocco or Tunisia. Finally, you also benefit from Go of storage space in SFR Cloud.

Internet box: SFR Fiber offers from 12 euros per month You can also opt for the SFR offer with the SFR Box 8, at 29 euros per month for 1 year before switching to 45 euros per month. Again, the commitment is 10 months. With the SFR Box 8, your speed can go up to 1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending. You have access to 160 TV channels and services, an image in 4K HDR Dolby Vision, but also to the Alexa voice assistant. You also benefit from unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, in the overseas departments, and to more than 100, to allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones , and you benefit from Go of storage space in SFR Cloud. Note that both offers allow you to keep your number.

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