Our dependence on social media applications, which is increasing day by day, continues at full speed. There are innovations for Instagram, which is among these social media applications and which many people use. Incoming innovations together to stay in communication is becoming more easily.

What’s new for Instagram: Group stories

We recently saw Instagram working on different features for group chats. Now, the feature of “Group Stories” has emerged. This feature, which has started to be tested, looks very interesting for those who use and love group chats. The innovations to come to Instagram are not just that. Reels, who have just entered our lives, will have Auto-advance/scroll options. With this resulting feature, users will be able to switch between Reels videos more easily and view the video in preview without having to open it.

In addition to the Instagram group stories and Reels features, a new feature will be introduced in the  Instagram  Post section that allows GIFs and stickers to be added. This feature we see with WhatsApp will be available shortly. Social media applications that enter every aspect of our lives at full speed seem to develop themselves more and more.