News: Insomnia: sleepless night or sleep one or two hours? If you are an insomniac (or a party animal) you may have wondered whether it makes more sense to sleep an hour or two or not sleep at all. Realize that your body needs sleep, even if it is for a short time. Explanations.

It is recommended for an adult to get seven hours of sleep. Only what to do when you’re an insomniac or a party animal? Is it better to get one to two hours of sleep or not to sleep at all? Know that your body needs sleep to repair its tissues and replenish its hormones. If you miss hours of sleep, your mental and cognitive functions will be impaired and you will suffer the consequences the next day. If you go more than 18 without sleep, it results in mental impairment similar to a blood alcohol level of 0, 05%. If you stay awake for more than 24 hours, this rate increases to 0, 10%. So if you don’t sleep at all, then it’s like you’re under the influence of alcohol (and if you already are, because you come home from a party, it will only make it worse).

To discover: You do not walk straight and you often trip? Look no further, you are lacking sleep!

Your body needs sleep, it is essential. Getting an hour or two of sleep will always be better than not sleeping at all. Because not sleeping will lead to poor concentration, short-term memory problems, impaired judgment and reaction time, irritability, increased pain, an increase in stress hormones … You will have understood it even if it’s short, it’s necessary to fully understand the next day even when you have a hangover!

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