Income, conviction, Hanouna … Investigation of Fabrice Di Vizio, the anti-health pass lawyer

March 5 2019, master Fabrice Di Vizio takes part in the Morandini Live program, on Cnews. General practitioner Matthieu Calafiore is also present, to talk about the Covid. More than two hundred cases have already been listed in France. The epidemic threatens to escalate. At the end of the afternoon, the lawyer recontacts his interlocutor in the morning on the social network Linkedin. “This morning plateau … special …”, he sends. Then, abruptly, the lawyer goes on with a long missive, in which he details his career plan for the years to come: “Tell me I have a question: in the legislative elections, I plan to respond favorably to a proposal which is emerging or then following up on another which is to return to the ministry. On the other hand, I need to establish my visibility and my expertise now! The Covid must be the opportunity to emerge. find a PR agency and a spin doctor who are introduced and able to help me manage the communication. I ask all my contacts who have a foot in the media: do you have names? “.

The message seems to deliver several keys to the functioning of the character, both natural disarming and devilish maneuvering. When L’Express asks him, over the phone, if he has considered getting involved in politics at a time of the crisis, he refutes, as he does each time the question is put to him: “No, really not . It is an environment with which I am not comfortable. I have no opinion on security, immigration, unemployment. Me, I have no ambition “. The next day, when we submit to him his words of March 5 2019, surprise, the lawyer calls us back to tell us a different story, with the same spontaneity: “He is a former political advisor to Alain Juppé, who has his box, who followed my news. He gave me this proposal at the very beginning of the crisis, so that I present myself in the tenth district of Yvelines. I had asked myself the question, indeed. It’s funny, he called me back last night. He offered to introduce myself to the legislative in Seine-Saint-Denis, Bondy, (…) He did a kind of pre-survey and he said that I exceeded the 15% “. The lawyer still does not intend to start, but admits: “It still does not interest me, but it made me doubt for a moment, it made me hesitate, honestly. (…) It’s complicated because that it is very tempting, in fact “.

Seventeen months after the start of his offensive, it must be noted that everything has gone as planned. Fabrice Di Vizio has emerged. He had 70 followers on Twitter, there are now more than 80. . . His protests against the sanitary pass or his publications in which he explains living in “tyranny”, in a country which practices “segregation”, are relayed by thousands of people. The 20 July, in a video clip watched over 159. . times, he assures to make of his principles a question of life and death: “I will die of the Covid if necessary and I will not be vaccinated. ‘between living like a coward or dying with honor, my choice is made “. With such bits of bravery, he became the star of anti-government protests, front row with Francis Lalanne or Florian Philippot. He is also the lawyer of Didier Raoult, or that of the collective C 15, at the origin of the complaint to the Court of Justice of Republic against Edouard Philippe, Agnès Buzyn and Olivier Véran. Their homes were searched on 12 October. In this month of August, the lawyer is now attacking the Council of State. He wants to ban the decree establishing the health pass, after having failed to have the law censored by the Constitutional Council. “70. 000 persons “signed the appeal, of which” about one third party “paid the 1, 19 euros that he asks for on the website of his firm, the lawyer tells us.

“Professor Tournesol” And then, in this happy mixture of genres which the time is so fond of, master Di Vizio also became a television star. His patter, his draw of Elie Kakou in a leather jacket and his high-pitched voice work wonders. The 10 last June, he was named “best speaker of the year” by the columnists of Touche not at my post ( TPMP), Cyril Hanouna’s show, 1.5 million viewers every night on C8. “TPMP is only made of characters. He has a professor Tournesol side”, summarizes Benjamin Castaldi, who “appreciates him a lot” even if they have slashed several times on the set. At the start of the school year, Fabrice Di Vizio will become a regular columnist in the Hanounian high mass, and more so. “I am going to relaunch my Youtube channel. Cyril is sending me someone, a journalist of his, whom he knows, to help me. I am going to present there a weekly column of 19 minutes on the major health scandals. It’s going to be called “I can’t, I have Di Vizio. If it works, C8 recovers me “, he announces to us. The lawyer also confides to us that the big boss of the chain of Vincent Bolloré made him another tempting proposition, which he however refused:” Apparently this year, Cyril Hanouna will host a program for presidential candidates. We were talking about co-hosting the show. I told him “okay”, but only on the health issues. Suddenly, it interests him a little less “.

Confusing Di Vizio, of whom we do not know very well if he is looking for fame, money, power or nothing at all that, if it is carried by devouring convictions or a nothing bullshit. Among the figures that the Covid has hatched, it is perhaps the one that best corresponds to the times. by “story telling”, he first shows a formidable ability to sell his own brand. When he says he plans to “return to the Ministry” of Health, the lawyer refers for example to “three months to the DGS “,” project manager or as part of an internship “on a date” around 1995 “, he affirms. And when he introduces himself to Matthieu Calafiore as the former” chief of staff “of the ex-deputy Jean-Frédéric Poisson, he does not confirm: “Mr. Di Vizio was indeed national secretary of the Forum of Social Republicans, he has no revenge he was never part of my cabinet “. Benjamin Castaldi laughs: “He is extremely cultivated, extremely informed, extremely bad faith”. Above all, from live sets to social networks, Fabrice Di Vizio leads an intense radicalism totally in phase with a part of the country in the midst of a nervous breakdown. Its register is that of denunciation, even if it means changing targets depending on the period.

Opponent then lawyer of Raoult In the Covid crisis, we discovered him alarmist, opposed to Professor Raoult. The 28 February 2020, mandated by general practitioners, he sends a scathing letter to the medical order to ask for remonstrances against the Marseille doctor, already a strong supporter of chloroquine. “We are entitled to wonder about the lack of caution, he was well intentioned, shown by Professor Raoult in his multiple media outings and the consequences that these can have on the population,” he writes. , or again: “My clients as much for the rest as myself (…) intend to request that Professor Didier Raoult be soon received by your authority so that he is reminded of the necessary precaution of language that it would be advisable to adopt in the future “. Today, the lawyer plays the balancing act to justify having then chosen to defend the doctor: “I am constant in my positions. Bullshit like that, there was some 150, it is the only one who was prosecuted “. And to attempt this argument: “If the Order did not react, it is because it considers that I was wrong. I take note of it, so Raoult does not have to be prosecuted”. The two men got closer around October 2019. The professor wanted a lawyer who could defend him on television sets. Master Di Vizio revealed his initial mail to him. The boss of the IHU would have “laughed” about it. Between media beasts, they toped.

In the first weeks of the crisis, Fabrice Di Vizio was even in favor of tracing Covid patients, via the StopCovid application: “It is the only solution. It does not there are no others. You have to use artificial intelligence at one point. Otherwise, how do you track people? ” A commitment completely in line with what he advocated shortly before the Covid on his professional Youtube channel, Silence, on heal. On this channel launched with his wife, Fabrice Di Vizio did, on July 1 2016, promotion of PassCare, a tool for tracking patients, via a QR Code containing all of their medical history. The Di Vizio spouses welcome a “digital health passport that brings caregivers and their patients into the medicine of tomorrow”. In February 2020, Doctor Adnan El Bakri, designer of PassCare , moreover, candidate, in a text published on the site of the Tribune , to support the government in its health strategy: “We are ready to work with the competent authorities to make it the digital health passport resulting from benchmark French research “.

Cabotin style Here again, Fabrice Di Vizio does not see the contradiction. The tool seems to him to change in nature when it loses its optional character. “I am told anti-tax, anti-pass, but I am not anti-nothing! I am anti-attack on human dignity”. What annoys him: that Emmanuel Macron strongly encourages the population to be vaccinated – speaks to him of “compulsory vaccination” -, while the products only hold a conditional marketing authorization, due to of the urgency in which they were tested. And this even if the benefits of vaccination against Covid win a broad medical consensus. “I demand prudence. Caution is not a sin, it is a moral virtue. The government which seeks to impose on me the vaccination by the blackmail, eh oh!”, He launches, in the style a bit of a cabotin that characterizes him. By the way, the lawyer goes back somewhat to his previous remarks. He no longer excludes being vaccinated one day, but “not in France”: “I will eventually, at worst, live elsewhere. I will be vaccinated abroad”. There is another trait of the character here. Without denying himself, the lawyer adapts his speech according to the circumstances. With a journalist, he can be almost moderate, subtle. On social networks, on the other hand, he plays on a deliberately hysterical register, almost all of his sentences end with exclamation points. “Health pass act 1 scene 1! It’s the police Sir, the French police!”, He wrote on 10 August , in reference to the French militia of the Vichy regime, played by Gérard Jugnot in the film Papy makes resistance . It doesn’t matter that these outbursts feed the great suspicion of the corruption of the elites, which he claims not to share. A skill that the interested party sums up when he explains his strategy to us on the internet: “I now know exactly the tone Youtube wants. I’m going to do hyper-formatted things on Youtube, and as soon as it’s less formatted, I’ll go on Rumble (a social network popular with pro-Trump, editor’s note) “. Anger profiter, the Di Vizio? As we would refer to the legal notices to read at the end of the prospectus, Fabrice Di Vizio opposes his favorite phrase to those who accuse him of deliberately fueling mistrust: “In demonstrations, I always say to people:” Do not trust me , go and check for yourselves. ”

The jurist does not lack deep convictions. When he proclaims his attachment to human dignity, there must be heard a resonance with his Christian faith. In 1995, he “meets” metaphysically during a funeral. Since then, his relationship to God has guided all his positions. If he blurs the tracks with his crooked collars and his itchy sweaters, far from the clean look that is sometimes imputed to the catho-tradis, the lawyer shares the fights. “There is no debate for me on the fact that abortion is a real problem, can in no case be considered as a right”, balances t Euthanasia or assisted reproduction also gives him buttons. “L a PMA makes us enter a kind of world according to which does not correspond to the dignity of the man “, slice Di Vizio. In 2007, he has joined the national secretariat of the Forum of Social Republicans, the party of Christine Boutin, called to become the Christian Democratic Party. In the first round of the Republican primary, in November 2015, he voted for Jean-Frédéric Poisson: “I am in a Fillonist approach, more than close to the National Rally or a Florian Philippot”, he summarizes.

Defender of Doctors While he is talking to us on the phone, while he is going to the anti-pass demonstration health of Hyères, this Thursday 10 August, three people called him to express their sympathy. “Master, I am in awe of all your lectures,” says a man. “You are wrong,” Di Vizio replies bluntly. The big laugh that follows shows that the words make him very happy. We realize that this new notoriety has something of an outcome for the lawyer. So far, his career has been bumped, far from the rectilinear trajectories of the barons of the profession, those whose portraits we find in the press files devoted to the most powerful lawyers in France. Born in 1974, coming from a very modest background – his two parents were workers – he stopped studying law for three years to work at the Red Cross of Seine-Saint-Denis. “I was the local deputy director of communications,” he says. A line on the CV that we want to believe, given its ability to advertise itself. Once the bar has passed, Master Di Vizio does foreigners’ law, plans to become a lawyer at the Council of State before giving up. The click occurs in 2007 . That year, the site, which lists court decisions, for the first time recorded its presence in health trials. Its vein? Become the official defender of the doctors concerned by the council of the order, the prefecture or the health insurance fund. The beginnings are promising, without being overwhelming. Of the twelve cases of this type that Master Di Vizio pleads in 2007 and 2009, he wins three. His activism pleases, he begins to make a name for himself, becomes the representative of several unions, including the Federation of Doctors of France. “We do not keep a good memory, it is an opportunist enthusiast,” says Dr. Jean-Paul Hamon, honorary president of the FMF.

Within the organization, the lawyer is capable of both the best and the worst. “He is someone unreliable. Sometimes very good, with flashes. Sometimes below everything, like when he left us at a hearing before the Order, for example by being replaced by a collaborator who did not know nothing on file, “recalls Claude Bronner, the former vice-president. A reproach that Fabrice Di Vizio hears but wants to qualify: “You will find that in all law firms. Case law has ruled on the question of whether you have the right to be replaced by an employee, the answer is yes”. Same initial honeymoon and same outcome within the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML), where its president Jérôme Marty recruits him in 2009, despite the caveats. At first, the two men called each other every week. State of grace. Three years later, their collaboration ends. The lawyer brought class actions with member doctors without referring to the organization. Either the method of appeal that the lawyer has been fond of since the start of the Covid. “When I hear that it’s easy money, it makes me laugh. Ok, if it’s so easy, then why haven’t the others done it?”, Reacts Fabrice Di Vizio, who rather sees in these complicated relations a question of “affinities”. The forty-something has an annoying tendency to quarrel with his partners. When we contact her ex-partner in Rome, where he settled for a time, she declines: “We did not part on good terms and, having nothing positive to say about him, I prefer not to m ‘to express”.

“Rude and violent” email This “undrinkable” character, he uses the term himself, almost cost him Dear. The 10 July 2015, he is sentenced to eighteen months of prohibition from exercising the profession of lawyer by the disciplinary council of the Bar Association of the Paris Bar. Before the Paris Court of Appeal, the sanction will finally be reduced to six months of suspended exercise, on 22 September 2016. The judges accuse him of having presented one of his collaborators as a lawyer when she was not yet registered with the bar, of not having warned the President of the Bar that he was moving to Rome. Above all, a “rude and violent” email against his collaborators is held against him. “Shit, shit, shit, damn. I’m pissed off (…) I asked you to react to a text on this fucking question: where is your reaction, damn? !!!”, wrote the lawyer to his subordinates. Today, Fabrice Di Vizio plays it low profile: “I cannot blame the Order, I defended myself very badly! I did not go to the amicable consultations, I did everything he could must not be done. But it allowed me to change, to realize that I could sometimes have an offensive management “.

This hitch would not have prevented him from resuming his march towards success. Is it the pride of a class defector? Fabrice Di Vizio is not one of these secret entrepreneurs on what they earn. He very easily exposes figures on what his activity brings back. “An annual turnover between 643. and one million euros “, a cabinet that takes” 341 euros per hour “, he lists. And these impressive incomes: “I’ve been earning between . . and 25. 000 euros per month “, he assures us. A windfall which could be explained in particular by major contracts with aesthetic medicine clinics. At this time, we see that Fabrice Di Vizio takes a certain pride in his social rise. “My course, sociologically, if we think of Bourdieu, he is not the right one, there is a step missing between the two”, he analyzes, as if to celebrate the extent of his success. At the same time, Fabrice Di Vizio has to face costly expenses every month. About fifteen years ago, he embarked on reining, a riding specialty which consists of performing acrobatics with a horse without forcing it. This passion takes all of her free time, and more. “I am on horseback four afternoons a week,” says the lawyer, who currently owns five horses. “Including a son of a world champion, whom I bought last year,” he said. With his wife, they own a company, SARL Apache, specializing in the rehabilitation of difficult horses. In total, the activity would cost them “3. 350 euros per month “. A lifestyle that he uses to convince us that he will not give in neither to the sirens of politics, nor to those of the star system: “Look at my income level, I have my horses, I only work in the morning, do you think I would give this up? ”

But we feel that the desire to appear more tickles him. “The crisis is a springboard for doing lots of things,” he has the honesty to admit. Does he himself know exactly what he wants to become? Fabrice Di Vizio evokes chronicles in the media, still reflects on what prevents him from playing politics: “There may be a bit of impostor syndrome in the affair”. In Hyères, a protester interrupts him, he needs to tell him that he loves him. “Thank you very much,” replies the lawyer. This time he has to hang up. The crowd awaits him.

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