[In video] Interview with Sofía Ellar: “We all deserve to allow ourselves to be bad” -!

Sofia Ellar has been making headlines for weeks. Her makeover, register, and brutal attitude have raised lots of questions. And is that the promotional campaign that featured “Mademoiselle Madame” was confusing for many. This alter ego, as explained by the singer in the event that she staged in Callao, ended up being a social experiment that brought a necessary reflection, but we wanted to know first-hand to better understand everything that was behind .

Sofía’s new project consists of three songs edited within a single EP that send a message about freedom (as well it reads at the end of the video clip on the singer’s sweatshirt). Sofía wants to fight against value judgments and normalize bad times, in addition to underlining the importance of asking for help . And although he was scared during the process due to the criticism he received, he did not back down. The result seems to us a wonderful way to take advantage of the influence to do something that marks society.

In our conversation, he explained the project in detail, why Mademoiselle Madame, who helped him to make it possible and she opens up to us about what she has learned and how she too was lost as Madame and turned to therapy to get over it.

Official video clip “Mademoiselle Madame”, “Fama” and “The last Johny Bravo” – Sofía Ellar Photos and video | Jared