Miracle of life in Alabama, where the world record for the most premature baby to survive was broken. Little Curtis was born on July 5, 2020 when his mother was 21 weeks pregnant, so he was 132 days premature. He weighed only 420 grams. He had a twin who didn’t make it. According to doctors and statistics, Curtis had no chance of surviving, but is now 16 months old. He won his battle after spending 275 days in the hospital, attached to a respirator for three months.

The family was only able to bring the newborn home last April. “We don’t know what the future holds for Curtis – said Dr. Brian Sims, the doctor who gave him birth – since there is no precedent like him. He started writing his story the day he was born. was born. That story will be read and studied by many in the hopes that it will help improve the care of premature babies around the world. ”