In job interviews now the question you don't expect comes up – RB

In job interviews now the question you don’t expect comes up – RB

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In job interviews now check the question you don’t expect – RB

In job interviews, now the question you don’t expect comes up – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. In job interviews now the question you don’t expect comes up – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

In job interviews now the question you don’t expect comes up – RB

The pandemic has changed the world of work, but since the first act: research. According to the head hunters of Adami & Associati , in fact, the health emergency has revolutionized everything, and a signal in this meaning emerges from the interview procedures. According to experts, in fact, the pandemic has ‘introduced’ an unexpected question until some time ago.

Interview, the unexpected question (due to the pandemic)

In addition to the curriculum vitae, in addition to the cover letter and skills, a new question has begun to appear more and more in the interviews of recent times: ” How did you experience months of lockdown? “. Or, its reworking: ” What did you do during the pandemic to improve your professional or personal situation? ” .

This was revealed by Carola Adami , founder of the head hunter company ‘Adami & Associati’, who unveiled the latest recruiting techniques. But how to answer these kinds of questions. According to her, the content is not so important as the way, since the pandemic was unexpected for everyone and no one was actually prepared.

The ‘right’ answers that can be given are therefore different: from having learned a new language to those who have taken care of the plants or the garden, but also having spent their time in keeping the relationship with colleagues alive. According to Adami, the important thing is to be honest .

Basically, facing a job interview in this historical period could be very different compared to the past : it is good to arrive be prepared to give the best possible impression of yourself, especially in the face of an enormous difficulty, global but not limited to, such as the pandemic. Also because many other things have changed in the world of work due to the health emergency.

What are the most sought and requested jobs in 2021

According to a survey by the Manpower Group Observatory, the start of 2022 should bring a significant boost in terms of hiring, with a + 22% in the first quarter , thanks above all to two sectors: finance and real estate. Here is what should be the most requested jobs in Italy in the 2022 according to the provision contained in the Excelsior report, requested by Unioncamere and Anpal: next year there will be 2.5 million new employed , between employees and freelancers. Most of the demand will be for highly specialized jobs. Here are some examples:

digital companies: they will look for staff with mathematical skills, IT and digital, especially date scientist and experts in security IT and IA ; professionals ‘ green ‘ to recalibrate the production of companies; private banker in the world of finance; Data Protection Officer to protect personal data; UX Designer ; Chief Happiness Officer or Happiness Manager: they will need to create solutions that satisfy employees; Growth Hacker : the most requested and best paid occupation of the future is defined, you will have to take care of growing your company. His skills range from information technology to marketing, but he must also know how to manage social channels (speaking of skills, here’s what you absolutely must not go wrong in your resume: the guide); Cloud Architect or Cloud Engineer : deals with creating cloud environments adaptable to the business of a company; Resilience manager : takes care of team cohesion, in order to make it more resilient in case of crisis; Broadband Architect : intertwines format and app to calibrate a company’s online and offline communication.