In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB

In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Nel 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB here .

In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB

In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

In 2021, in Italy, there was an earthquake every half hour – RB


The most affected areas are Sicily and Central Italy, while Sardinia remains almost immune: an earthquake every half hour, it happened in Italy in 2021

15 January 2022

I earthquakes can be events more destructive . The earth trembles, everything that is built collapses and they are often accompanied by landslides or tsunamis. But it is not said that they are always so dangerous: most of the time they are light shocks that make books fall off the shelves, and often we don’t even notice. . And they don’t just happen on our planet.

And in fact, probably no one noticed the earthquake every half hour that shook Italy in 2021 . Yet it happened. Even better than the earthquake that has been going on in Indonesia for years.

The earthquakes in Italy

The Italian institute that deals with tracing and taking into account earthquakes in our country is the Invg , National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.

Ours is a territory with strong seismic risk , certainly the one with the highest seismic risk in $pe . Territorial diversities are strong, because the risk is almost nil in the north, especially Lombardy and Piedmont, and very strong in the ridge that goes from Umbria to Calabria.

The most disastrous earthquake in Italy , by number of deaths and by magnitude, was that of Messina , on the night of 28 December 1908 : a magnitude of 7.5 shook the whole strait, and in the collapses they died 120 thousand people : this is the most serious natural disaster in the entire history of $pe . Similar numbers are approaching the earthquake of the Val di Noto in Sicily in January 1693 , with 60 thousand dead, and another earthquake in the strait, in the 1783, with 50 thousand victims.

In more modern times, we remember the earthquake of Avezzano , in the Marche , with his 30 thousand victims after an earthquake with a magnitude 7. In the 1980 the earthquake of Irpinia killed 2914 people, but upset an entire area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly that incredibly struggled to get back on its feet. In the 2009 is destroyed L’Aquila , the night of April 6: they die 309 people and reconstruction is proceeding slowly. As happens to Amatrice on 24 August 2016, with its three hundred victims after a quake of magnitude 6.0.

The thousands of earthquakes of 2021

According to the Invg, in 2021 in Italy there were 16. 095 earthquakes : an average of 44 per day, then one every half hour . The most affected regions were Sicily, Umbria and Marche . Sardinia, on the other hand, is almost immune.

These are numbers that could make us jump on the chair, because they are very high. But they are not worrying: just think that in 2020 they were 16. 597 It is in the 2019 16. 584. Constant numbers , therefore, and even lower than those recorded in the three-year period 2016 – 18: but then there was the great earthquake in Central Italy, between Amatrice, Norcia and Visso. Also in 2021 the Central Italy was the most subject to shocks of varying intensity: the 30% of the total.

The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology also tracks earthquakes that occur in foreign countries but close to Italy. And for 2021 the strongest tremors, i.e. those greater than magnitude 5.0, occurred abroad , between Algeria, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. “However, we have also heard some of these on the Italian territory” explains Alessandro Amato, researcher of Eng.

The first earthquake of 2021 was in Pavullo nel Frignano , province of Modena, one hour and three minutes after the New Year. The last , instead a Sefro , near Macerata, half an hour before midnight. Both had a magnitude of less than 2.5.

The strongest earthquake occurred in Sicily , in Motta Sant’Anastasia, the 23 December, and was part of a swarm with 50 shook in three days. It had a magnitude of 4.3 . The smallest, and makes you smile, in Gubbio, with a magnitude of 0.0 : the Richter scale for measuring the magnitude of earthquakes can also have negative values. But in that area, the most dangerous from this point of view, the most sensitive machinery and sensors are installed.