“I’ll explain my favorite cars”

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The Italian driver, now in the Dragon Penske team in the Formula E world championship, recounts his first approach to the electric world championship after three years in F1 with Alfa Romeo: “It’s difficult to get here and compete right away. The car I love? The 500 Abarth and the Ferrari 488 Pista “

Umberto Schiavella

@ __umbe__

March 14 – Rome

“Rome is one of the most spectacular circuits. A beautiful and difficult track, many ups and downs, many elevations, tight and fast corners, a circuit that does not forgive, but certainly the most exciting of the entire season”. This is how Antonio Giovinazzi made his debut just under a month before the expected E-Prix in Rome, a stage valid for the Formula E 2022 championship. We met the Italian driver right in Rome after his debut in the zero-emission series with the team American Dragon Penske. Three races where Antonio Giovinazzi has paid the price of adapting to the new car and the new format, but which bodes well for the upcoming events. Here’s what he told us.

During the first three races of the 2022 championship he struggled a bit … Are you ready for the Rome E-Prix?

“Pronto is a big word because I don’t want to raise false expectations for the weekend. I can say that the improvements that took place between the first and second races were very important. A format doesn’t give you a lot of time to prepare, we did everything in one day, we don’t have days of testing, we got to this championship in early December. It’s difficult to get here and compete right away with riders who are very strong and have a lot of experience. My goal is not to aim for the podium right away and win races, I know it’s impossible, but I’m aiming to improve race after race, which has already happened. I can improve further and I will do it in Rome. But to say now when we might see Giovinazzi on the podium I don’t know, I still don’t feel comfortable with everything, with the car, with the format, when this happens that’s where I’ll be able to set important goals “.

This year we can say that he will run 3 home E-Prix, Rome, Monte Carlo and Jakarta … Different circuits different emotions …

“Yes, it’s true. Even in recent years I have done more home Grand Prix, in 2020 in Italy we did Imola, Monza and Mugello. This year I find myself with different affections and emotions. Rome is in Italy, where I was born and raised. and where I certainly have an important affection. Monte Carlo is where I live right now and where I will sleep during the race, comfortably in my home. Jakarta is important because I lived there for almost a year, a country that has given me so much, because that experience together with the Indonesian people who were close to me at that moment, it offered me the opportunity to move forward in my career. I am very happy to return there. Yes, there will be three races with important affections and different emotions “.

Which car did you own and will never forget, the one that gave you the most emotions?

“The car I am most fond of is my first car, the one I bought with my first pennies, a Fiat 500 Abarth purchased at the age of 19, a car I will never forget”.

And the one who drove?

“Hard to say … Surely the sensations last year’s Formula 1 cars were beautiful to drive, lots of downforce, lots of speed, it was nice. But the car I tested and that impressed me the most was certainly the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider, a road car, but which looked like a racing car to all intents and purposes “.

MotoGP riders often declare that they don’t ride motorcycles on the street, it’s different with the car, it’s hard to do without it … How do you ride on the street? Is it disciplined?

“I have to be (laughing). I am a bit of an ambassador for young people, if I had to drive on the street like a madman and not respect the limits it would not be a good example. I have to be the first to lead by example. fast is beautiful, but on the track. On the road there are many dangers, anything can happen and I’m the first to know. “

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