Iliad: when the fixed connection with the fiber arrives – RB

Iliad: when the fixed connection with the fiber arrives – RB

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Iliad: when the fixed connection arrives with fiber – RB

Iliad: when the fixed connection with the fiber arrives – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Iliad: when the fixed connection with the fiber arrives – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Iliad: when the fixed connection with the fiber arrives – RB


After about four years of waiting, Iliad is now ready to land on the fixed Internet market: here is its plan and what technologies it will offer to customers

14 January 2022

The landing of Iliad among the operators of fixed telephony and Internet ” is now imminent “and the first commercial offers will arrive” soon “. They are no longer printing hypotheses, but official statements issued by the CEO of Iliad, Benedetto Levi, to the national newspaper The sun 24 Hours . The arrival of a fixed Internet offer Iliad is expected from 2018, year of arrival on the Italian market of this French low cost operator.

The exact date is not yet available, but Iliad’s marketing department is already heating up the engines and on the home page of the operator’s website a huge banner with the words: “ Toooooooooop – Ready for a new revolution? “. Considering that the first revolution was the one carried out on the mobile market, it is quite obvious that Iliad fisso is now about to arrive. A matter of days, weeks at most, according to many TLC market analysts. As he explained to the Sun 24 Hours, on the other hand, Iliad already has a roadmap for the fiber operation. Here it is.

Iliad network fixed: where do we start from

The first areas of Italy where Iliad’s new fixed Internet connection will be offered are the so-called ” black zones “, i.e. those already connected from the fiber of Open Fiber . Thanks to the already existing infrastructure, therefore, Iliad is ready to immediately offer contracts for FTTC

fiber type , i.e. to the locker on the sidewalk.

With this technology it is possible to obtain a theoretical maximum download speed equal to 200 Mbps , which for most Italian families are more than enough to connect smartphones, computers and smart TVs at home without slowing down.

Thereafter the FTTH (fiber up to home) technology will be offered, which is even faster ( 1 Gbps theoretical) thanks to agreement with FiberCop , a company majority owned by TIM, which has coverage that exceeds 2. 600 municipalities throughout Italy.

Iliad: success in the mobile

The landing of Iliad in the fixed fiber Internet connection market optical comes less than four years after the start of operations in Italy as a mobile operator. Four years during which Iliad literally ” broke the market “, quickly gaining the trust of users thanks to very attractive offers and, as the operator himself likes to say, very” transparent “.

In September 2021 Iliad announced that it had exceeded the 8.1 million customers in Italy and, like all the big names, in recent months it has also had equally big technical problems: a few days ago, for example, a vast and generalized technical down lasted a couple of hours which, the next day, was repeated for another two hours.