Are you tired of slow Android downloads? And as an alternative, are you looking for a download manager? Well then then a download manager is the best solution for you. So we will help you by showing you the best, or rather, the ones that for us are the best. Because everyone will have their preferences. What is clear is that if you have a problem with the Android download manager, this will solve it.

Another tip before we start. If you are looking for Android Downloader, don’t look for it because there isn’t! But take a look at these alternatives, because there are very good ones.

IMPORTANT: Be careful with your data rate, because if you download a large file with one of these managers, you can melt the megabytes in the blink of an eye, especially if you are under 4G coverage. Then come the tears!

For those who are not on the subject and have arrived here by chance or other means, a download manager is a program designed to facilitate the process of downloading files. Speed up downloads by dividing files into multiple sections and downloading them simultaneously, thereby speeding up the download process.

In many cases the servers limit the download speed, in this way, it is possible to bypass this restriction (not always) and therefore accelerate the downloads on your Android device in this case.

Free Download Manager: The best download accelerators for Android

In addition, it also gives you the possibility to resume interrupted downloads, so you should not start downloading from the beginning if for some reason you have lost the connection, the battery has run out or another situation.

Although web browsers usually incorporate a download manager, they are usually very simple and do not have the possibility or resources to accelerate them.

There are numerous download manager applications available on the Google Play Store that you can purchase to facilitate these functions. The following that we will show you are some of the best Android download manager applications.

1. Android Download Manager Advanced Download Manager Internet download manager for android cracked

Android Download Manager Advanced Download Manager Internet download manager for android cracked

Advanced Download Manager is one of the most powerful download manager applications made for Android. This application allows you to download files in three different parts and each part offers a certain set download speed. You can choose the maximum download speed for each part.

Also, if the data connection is lost during the download, the program will automatically resume the download when you have an Internet connection again.

If the download link is not a direct link, then this free application opens automatically when you click on a link from the browser and the manager itself will take care of extracting the download link and starting it. It is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Dolphin or Boat Browser among others.

Other features of Advanced Download Manager:

  • Accelerate download speed by using multiple threads.
  • Backup downloaded files to SD card.
  • Widget on the main screen.
  • Download completion notification with sound and vibration.
  • Advanced image download manager.

Download APK:

Download Apk

2. Android Load Droid Download Accelerator Internet download manager apk

Android Load Droid Download Accelerator Internet download manager apk

Loader Droid is another great download manager developed for Android. It is compatible with any type of download, such as applications, images, music, videos, etc.

Like ADM, this app also splits downloads into 3 different parts which speeds up overall download speed. Also, all downloads have the possibility to resume at any time, and even simply pause them.

The good thing about this is that it will automatically stop when the connection is lost and it will automatically start the download when the connection returns. This option is usually found in most download managers, in fact it is one of the functions that make it worth installing one.

Other features of Loader Droid Download Manager:

  • Recognizes browser links automatically.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • Dark and Light theme for your preference and tastes.
  • Loader Droid Image Download

Download APK:

Download Apk

3. Turbo Download Manager Internet download manager full

Turbo Download Manager another one on the list, very fast, which can multiply your download speed up to 5 times. The application uses multiple HTTP connections to accelerate the download speed. To increase the download speed, you can manually increase the maximum number of connections per download if it is not enough or you do not reach the threshold of your Internet connection. In addition, you can modify the buffer size in the application settings menu to optimize download speed.

Like other download manager applications, Turbo Download Manager also offers the ability to resume interrupted downloads. Indispensable as we have said.

Other features of the Turbo Download Manager:

  • Unlimited file size.
  • Progress in the background.
  • Notifications at the end of downloads.
  • Download history.
  • Configuration and choice of the directory where the downloads will be saved.
  • Advanced image download manager

Download APK:

Download Apk

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