I return to the Nokia Lumia 1020, an outdated mobile that keeps up with its camera

Back to Nokia Lumia 1020, an outdated mobile that keeps up with its camera, Few mobiles marked the trajectory of Nokia with Windows Phone, a stage that almost made the phone brand disappear. One of them was the Nokia Lumia 1020 , a smartphone that stood out widely for its camera . At the time it offered benefits that were light years ahead of the rest, but how has it aged over the years? The phone that stars in this analysis is one of my fetishes: me fell in love when I could analyze it at the time; I loved it when I got it, and ended up parting with it once Microsoft definitely killed Windows for mobile . I always regretted having sold the Nokia Lumia 1020 ; hence I sought to correct my mistake by acquiring it again. Taking advantage of the fact that my colleague Laura gave it to me (thank you, Laura!), I had to do a retroanalysis. Technical data of the Nokia Lumia 1020 Nokia Lumia 1020 Screen 4.5-inch AMOLED, Capacitive Multi-touch with ClearBlack Resolution 1280 x 898 pixels (332 dpi) Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 GHz 2 cores Processor graph Adreno 158 RAM 2 GB Memory 64 GB (Telefónica version) Battery 2. 000 mAh Rear camera Rear: 40, 1 megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics (1 / 1.5 “) / Front: 1.2 MP Front Camera 1.2 megapixels Connectivity Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 LE 4G LTE GPS NFC Dimensions 130, 4 x 71, 4 x 10, 4 mm Weight 158 grams Original price (2013) 699 euros A design that I miss Nokia broke the mold (almost literally) with its Windows Phone stage : although plastic might seem second-rate, brand made a career with its polycarbonate in the most premium From the market. The Nokia Lumia 1024 is the culmination of this endeavor: unique, recognizable design, pleasant to the touch, not too heavy and with a color that, despite being striking, marks character . Leverage the Nokia Lumia 1020 implies thinking: ” Why has the screen of telephones grown so much? ” Small by current standards , with a 4.5-inch screen that continues to look spectacular and with frames that are supported by the design to fit in the lines of the phone as if they were organic. Smooth lines, camera bump, compact design, and body polycarbonate It is perfectly used with one hand and is much more manageable than most current telephones. It has haptic buttons under the screen with the classic Windows logo that acts as a menu. It has a headphone jack on the top (and FM radio!), An external speaker output on the bottom (powerful and with sufficient quality) and a micro USB to connect to the charger. Charging takes more than an hour and a half even though the battery is not very loose . The back is what makes the Nokia Lumia 1000 be a Nokia Lumia 1020. That huge lens for the camera of 17, 1 megapixel triumphed among the memes of the era by making it easy to compare to a Minion (the bright yellow didn’t help). The objective is exaggerated, of that there is no doubt; without adding inconvenience to the phone . Also, the Nokia Lumia 1020 has a detail that underlines its photographic soul: Xenon flash (apart from the usual LED flash). Night photos gain brightness in close-up shots. There is no current mobile that comes close in design to what Nokia risked with the Lumia 1000, both for external appearance and for the materials used in construction There is no current phone that can compare in design to the Nokia Lumia 1020. Its attractiveness is undoubted, also its capacities to attract attention . Too bad that risky design hasn’t had an inheritance to this day. Great hardware with lots of lights, even eight years later The Nokia Lumia 1020 premiered in Spain in September 2013 by Telefónica. Therefore, more than eight years have passed for a phone that, at the time, stood out much more in hardware than in software . From my experience, it is still seen as fast, the system flows fast, the screen is of great quality and does not have connectivity problems. I already said that the screen was small, a fact which contributes to the logical containment of the final dimensions of the phone. Its 4.5 inches AMOLED look scandalous today , with a more than good level of detail despite the resolution being HD +. Great sharpness, somewhat lacking in maximum brightness (outdoors it suffers from some difficulty to see the content), with good tactile response and with a slight tint in the colors when viewing the panel at forced angles (and without losing visibility). Not that I was able to put test the processor or other adjacent hardware: the Nokia Lumia 1020 is dead at the software level; Therefore it is not possible to download games or apps, nor updates . This leaves the phone stripped and with what Microsoft and Nokia included as standard. Very little. It is impossible to test the capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 1020 beyond making use of what comes pre-installed on the phone: games cannot even be downloaded to check capacity graph The Snapdragon S4 Plus that mounts the Nokia Lumia 1020 does not seem to be malfunctioning , at least with what the phone comes standard. Browsing the web I have come across jerks and a certain slowness, caused to a great extent by Internet Explorer itself (it is the little that can still be used). Beyond here the performance is unknown. The battery at the time was very fair, now it is even more reduced reduced: it does not come up to date normally, at least if it is used with certain use (the life of the phone has a negative influence, it must be taken into account). Record video or photograph with the Nokia Lumia 898 implies seeing the percentage drop dramatically . Nothing strange given the energy required to start the sensor and the image processing, on the other hand. The Nokia Lumia 1020 it lacks a biometric security system (it can be blocked by PIN), it includes NFC (payments no longer work), it offers FM radio (it is essential to connect some headphones with cable), it is positioned well enough (Bing Maps does not give much joy), the sound is of good quality (if you can load songs), it allows connection to the computer using a Micro USB cable (essential to transfer information and photos) and there is not too much more remarkable. Software deficiencies completely weigh down the software . Clinically dead in software It is a pity that Microsoft and Nokia have completely disassociated themselves from Windows mobiles. And not only because the store does not work and, therefore, it is impossible to download apps and games, also because not even system updates are available . The minimum would be that the Nokia Lumia 1020 could be updated to the latest supported software, but not. It stayed on Windows 8.0 and I couldn’t even upload it to Windows 8.1. Can’t even sign in with Microsoft account The store does not work, Xbox does not work, the music application does not work beyond the songs that are manually uploaded, they are not detected system updates, Internet Explorer has loading problems in a good part of the web pages , nothing to use the most popular apps (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter … ) unless they are compatible with Explorer … And so on until a long etcetera. If not completely disconnected from the world the Nokia Lumia 1020 would still be a more than valid phone to be used today . Starting it is a complete frustration; at least until the camera app starts. The camera continues to save the Nokia Lumia 1020 Those 40, 1 megapixel sensor were mammoth eight years ago, today they are not so strange. At least with regard to the size of the photos obtained, that the dimensions of the sensor located in the Nokia Lumia 1020, and the processing software, do not have much comparison today . This makes taking photos and videos an equally valid task. The generic quality of the photos is very good. Great amount of detail, shots with natural colors, it does a very good job during the day and at night it all depends on the lighting : if it is uniform enough, the photos will be visible. The Lumia 1020 prefers to keep shots dark than to apply excessive ISO. And without the included night mode doing too much good. I know Note that the computational processing is somewhat outdated for today’s terms : the dynamic range of the images is usually improvable, the HDR does not exist and the portrait mode does not apply excessive bokeh to close-ups. The Nokia Lumia 1024 boasts optical rather than computational capture: adjusting lighting, focuses and perspectives yields results that may even outperform mobile phones. today. But needs more work than point and shoot . The Nokia Lumia camera 1020 tends to underexposure, a defect that achieves somewhat dark shots even outdoors with sufficient lighting Not that the Lumia 1020 give a great review of “top” mobiles of 2021 ( I have put it to the test with my Google Pixel 6 and iPhone 12 Pro Max ), but it does seem that more than eight years have passed for it. It is a perfectly valid mobile to go out and shoot , also for those who have a study and want a suitable phone to follow the trot. Too bad my phone isn’t up to date with the latest photography app, the one that offered manual adjustments with the concentric circles. Nokia camera interface in the latest system versions. My Lumia 1020 ran out of it and now I can’t update it Below you have a sample of photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020. If you want to download them without retouching, go to this link to see the images as the phone saved them. Required for any collector As I have made clear, the Nokia Lumia 1020 I dont know you can use today , at least if what you are looking for is a “purely smartphone experience” (if you want only one phone, and you cannot be disturbed by WhatsApp, it is your mobile). The design is different from what is current, it is super content and the screen has the right dimensions to not lose performance without gaining inconvenience due to size. For me, the balance of the panel and the body is perfect . Left, Nokia Lumia 1020; right, Google Pixel 6 The Lumia 1020 belongs to another era, one in which Nokia was still relevant to mobile telephony. Too bad Microsoft fell asleep in the field of smartphone operating systems, even though it was a pioneer with Windows CE . Bad decisions, and successive updates that left users on the way, made the Lumia 1020 is now more museum object than pocket object. It’s a shame.