I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

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I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

I have been given an Apple Watch, what can I do with it: basic tricks and essential functions

Congratulations! A new Apple Watch is always a cause for joy. A very interesting device with which we can really do a lot. The substitute for the iPhone? Maybe not yet, but a device with which many interactions will go through our wrist instead of having to resort to our iPhone.

Interface, notifications, spheres, health and much more, we explain everything

The possibilities of the Apple Watch are many and very diverse. From its vocation for health to its way of delivering notifications, we can use our watch in many ways. In this article we will make an introduction of the most basic , of the foundations on which to build a more complex use.

Let’s start at the beginning, how to move around the Apple Watch? Easy. First of all, let’s look at the two buttons on our watch. The first, round, rotating, It is called the Digital Crown, the second, flat and elongated, we will simply call it the side button. Starting from here we have the following:

  • We can turn on our Apple Watch by touching the side button. To turn it off, hold down this same side button and slide on Slide to turn off .
  • If we are seeing the time one touch In the Digital Crown we will take us to the applications screen , where we can find all the applications installed in our clock and open them with a simple touch.
  • Yes we are within an application, either the weather, the calendar or Mail, a touch on the Digital Crown will take us out of the app , either to the time dial, if we have accessed an app from there, or to the applications screen.
  • At the end of our interaction with the Apple Watch we can cover its screen with the palm of our hand. With this we will return to the time of day screen, what we call the sphere, and, in addition, we will turn off the screen or leave it in rest .
  • A tap on the side button at any time takes us to the Dock , where the apps that we have most recently used. We can scroll through them by turning the digital crown and pressing any of them to open it.

Let’s keep moving through the Apple Watch. So far we have seen the navigation through its most basic interface. Let’s now pay attention to the notification center, the Control Center and some function that we find within both .

  • Accessing the Control Center is as easy as swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  • If we are inside of an app and we want to access the Control Center, we just have to rest our finger at the bottom of the screen for a second and then slide up as we would normally.
  • Let’s look at the Edit at the bottom of the Control Center. With it we can rearrange the different buttons to be able to access the ones that are most important to us easily.
  • Let’s also look at some buttons within this Control Center: the button in the form of a flashlight will activate the screen at maximum brightness in white to illuminate, the Moon-shaped button will activate do not disturb mode or other states of concentration and the button with two faces will activate theater mode, in which the screen is turned off so as not to dazzle.
  • It is in the Control Center where we can see the battery amount of our Apple Watch.
  • To access the notification center we just swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • As with the Control Center, if we are inside an app we can press and hold the upper part before sliding down.
  • We can delete notifications sliding over them to the left. Unfold groups of them with one touch and open them also with one touch.
  • At the top of the notification center there is a button that allows us “Delete all” the content of the notifications .
  • If our Apple Watch starts to sound, we can rest our hand on the screen for three seconds to silence it .

Let’s now move on to talk about the spheres . As we have already mentioned, the sphere of our Apple Watch is where we see the time. A time that appears, depending on the design, in different formats and sizes, accompanied by small bits of information, such as the date or the compass, which we call complications.

  • Create a new sphere is as easy as holding down the screen where we see the time and then pressing the big “+” button that appears to the right of the spheres that we already have.
  • Editing a sphere is just as easy. We simply hold down on it and click on Edit . From here we scroll horizontally between the color and complication settings.
  • To change between spheres we can slide our finger from left to right while we watch the time. Let’s always do it from the ends of the screen.
  • And in In this section let’s also talk about the Siri sphere , which shows us the information we need at all times of the day.
  • Going a little further we can automate the change of spheres , it is something we will do with a shortcut that the will change for us based on the time of day or location .

In the field of health , one of the strengths of the Apple Watch, we also have several things to talk about. Let’s go over the basics.

  • The Trainings app, that of an icon with a person running, is where we must go to register our sessions . Here we can choose the type of training and set goals based on calories, distance or time.
  • Another important app is called ECG, which allows us to take an electrocardiogram just by resting our finger 30 seconds on the Digital Crown.
  • With a similar operation we find the Blood Oxygen app. An app with an icon in the shape of a pair of red and blue circles circling. With it we can, keeping still for 15 seconds, measure the oxygen concentration in our blood stream
    • Also highlight as from the Health app of our iPhone, touching on our name and then on Health checklist we can activate and deactivate the notices that the Apple Watch can give us about our health. Warnings such as high or low heart rate or even the notification of falls.
    • With the Apple Watch we can monitor our sleep hours , its quality and keep track of its evolution
        of this important parameter.
      • Now let’s talk about the objectives. The what? Those little rings of red, green and blue that we must close every day . From the Activity app, at the bottom we can tap on Change objectives to define more or less hours of standing, minutes of exercise or amount of calories burned.
      • From this same app we can invite other people to share the closing of the rings and motivate / compete amicably to stay active.
      • Finally, it is also in the Activity app where we can see the rewards for the different challenges of activity that we exceed.

      And there is much to say about the Apple Watch. Let’s see, then, a compendium of various tips , resources and, in general, functions that we must know .

      • One of the most common is configure a mobile data plan on our watch. Something really simple once explained .
      • Let’s also talk about Apple Pay, with which we can withdraw money from an ATM whenever we need cash without having to carry it with us nothing but our watch .
      • If we are Spotify users we should know how to download music to listen to it offline.
      • We have already said that we can control our health with the Apple Watch. If we want more details on a variable as important as heart rate, we can get the HeartWatch app that will provide us with more information than we could imagine .
      • It is very convenient to power dictate notes to Apple Watch . It’s an easy way to quickly and easily record certain thoughts or conversations, and all thanks to the Voice Notes app .
    • In the Sleep app we can set an alarm for each day of the week. One that will vibrate the Apple Watch, as long as we wear it in the morning, without emitting any sound and without waking up anyone but us.
  • In the Mail app we can configure, from our iPhone, from which people we want to receive a notification when an email arrives .
  • We can cast a look at the WaterMinder app , ideal to follow and monitor how much water we drink throughout the day and improve those values.

We could go on, but we better leave it here. We have exposed some basic resources that allow us to introduce ourselves into what the Apple Watch is. An Apple Watch that we may only be getting to know, but that will surely surprise us with everything it can do.

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