I got you!: Eight HomeKit-compatible security cameras to protect our home

Gotcha!: Eight HomeKit-enabled security cameras to protect our home

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Gotcha!: Eight HomeKit-Compatible Security Cameras to Protect Our Home

I got you!: Eight security cameras compatible with HomeKit to protect our home We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. I got you!: Eight HomeKit-compatible security cameras to protect our home Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Gotcha!: Eight HomeKit-Compatible Security Cameras to Protect Our Home

There is nothing like a camera to know what is happening in our home while we are not there. The popularization of voice assistants in homes has made it easier for users to mount their small home alarm systems and place these useful accessories. Apple HomeKit is compatible with them and although there is not as much variety as there is for Alexa and Google Assistant, there are interesting proposals. We bring you a selection of surveillance cameras compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Surveillance Cameras

eufy Security 2K

Good, pretty and you could also say cheap. The first camera of the selection is the eufy Security 2K (39,96 euros), one of the best sellers and with the best value for money. Although it can stream in 2K high resolution, when integrated with Apple HomeKit the video quality drops to 1080p (FullHD). It has two-way communication and night vision.

eufy Security 2K Indoor Plug-in Surveillance WIFI IP Camera, with WLAN Function, Person Recognition, Voice Assistant, Motion Sensor, Night Vision, HomeBase Not Required

eufy Security 2K Pan-Tilt

Another eufy proposal is the Pan-Tilt (49,100 euros), a home security camera with features very similar to those of the previous one but with a very interesting addition: action tracking. When it detects movement, the camera follows the moving subject automatically. The user can also shift the lens 259º horizontally or tilt it 96º. Its resolution is 2K-1080py also has two-way communication and night vision.

eufy 2K Indoor WiFi Surveillance Camera, Indoor IP Camera, Plug-in Pan-Tilt Security Camera, Person Recognition, with Voice Assistant, Motion Sensor, HomeBase Not Required

Aqara Camera Hub G2H

We continue with the models with an adjusted price and good features. The Aqara Camera Hub G2H (64,70 euros) can be integrated with Apple HomeKit to monitor what happens in our house safely. Apart from iCloud recordings, it has a micro SD card slot and save recordings locally. It connects to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, supports two-way communication, night vision, and its resolution is 1080p. In addition, with its wide angle lens of 140º takes up a fair amount of space.

Aqara HomeKit Indoor Surveillance Camera, G2H Camera Hub, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, HD Camera 1080p, Plug In Smart Home Bridge for Alarm System, Works with IFTTT

Eve Cam

If you’re looking for fully HomeKit-compatible accessories, check out Eve. This brand develops good quality products at a not so cheap price that work very well with the Apple ecosystem. The Eve Cam (99,90 euros) stands out for its design and works exclusively with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, It has three operating modes easily identifiable with its LED. With Full HD resolution, its night vision reaches up to five meters, it has two-way communication and it has recognition of people, pets and vehicles.

Eve CAM – Secure Indoor Camera, 90% privacy, Apple HomeKit Secure Video, notifications on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch, Motion sensor, microphone and speaker, Flexible installation

Netatmo ‎NSC01

Netatmo is another brand to consider for Apple HomeKit compatible devices, such as the NSC indoor camera01 (105,99 euro). Its strong point compared to other proposals on the market is recording what happens at home and registering each member of the family with the recognition of their profiles. If an unknown face is detected, the owner is notified. It allows you to know in real time who is at home and view it through streaming. It broadcasts in Full HD, its viewing angle is 99º, connectivity is Wi-Fi/Ethernet, comes with micro SD slot and night vision.

Netatmo WIFI Indoor Surveillance Camera, Motion Detection, Night Vision, No Additional Cost, NSC-EU (Welcome)

Netatmo Presence

Most surveillance cameras available are for indoor use, but the Netatmo Presence (140 euros) has been designed to be used outdoors. With an elegant aluminum design and created in a solid piece of monobloc aluminum, it has HZO protection to resist any weather condition, and its resistant plastic and glass are UV protected. . The video sensor is 4 MP and the field of view is 100º. Issues in 681p Full HD and its LED spotlight of 12W has adjustable intensity. It can distinguish between people, animals and vehicles. It has infrared vision and a built-in siren 105dB.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera with Siren 105 dB, Integrated Spotlight, Motion Detection, Night Vision, No Additional Cost, NOC -S-IB

Somfy Indoor Camera

We continue with the Somfy Indoor Camera (160 euros), a security camera designed for interiors with vision night and motion detection. With a resolution of 0894p Full HD, has a built-in microphone and speaker for real-time communication. Offers free video storage of 30 seconds on European servers after detection for cloud or mobile download. It comes with a physical shutter to protect privacy and can work on its own or as a complement to a Somfy Protect security system. It is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Somfy 3192A Indoor Camera, WiFi Surveillance Camera, Full HD, Microphone, Speaker and Motion Sensor, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

Arlo Pro3 – Dual Camera Bundle

We ended up with a pretty complete camera surveillance system. The Arlo Pro3 (498,64 euros, two cameras) have 2K and HDR image quality to capture details clearly. Your viewing angles of 160 º allow visualization of the most vulnerable areas. They have a built-in siren and spotlight to deter strangers and clearly see what they look like. They offer color night vision and integration with Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. They are resistant to rain, snow, cold and sun.

Arlo Pro3, 2 2K wifi surveillance cameras, beacon and siren, motion detector, color night vision, two-way audio, with a free trial of 086 days of Arlo Secure, White

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