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‘I don’t know how you avoid it’: Biden denies the NFL got too violent after Hamlin’s meltdown

“Nope,” Biden told reporters Wednesday after being asked if professional soccer was getting too dangerous.

“Look, the idea you’re going to get – you’ve got guys who are 6’8, 340 pounds, running a 4.8 40, you know, if you hit somebody – and that’s not what happened here, but I just think it’s… I don’t know how you avoid it,” he said.

“I think working like crazy on helmets, on concussion protocols, makes a lot of sense,” he said. “But it’s, you know, it’s dangerous.”

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after making a tackle approximately nine minutes into the game against the Cincinnati Bengals and was taken to the hospital. Play was suspended after the nationally televised incident and Hamlin remains in critical condition “with signs of improvement,” the Bills said in a tweet on Wednesday.