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Hungary could be the runner-up for the largest Chinese electric car manufacturer

One of the world’s largest electric car and hybrid car manufacturers, China’s BYD, has set the goal of selling every 10th electric car by 2030 and becoming one of the top three European EV brands. To do this, they want to build a car factory in Europe, and for a long time the UK was the most likely.

However, BYD has now ruled out Great Britain, as in their opinion it is no longer an ideal, stable location due to the economic effects of Brexit.

According to Michael Shu, the European president of the company, the island country is not even in the top 10 countries where they would build a plant, the continent seems much more favorable.

currently, Hungary, as well as Germany, France, Spain and Poland seem to be the most likely.

The company has sites in China capable of producing more than 1 million vehicles per year, and may even decide to build a giant plant like this one. The company also aims to set up a large number of dealerships and service centers across Europe.

The decision will probably be made this year, and the goal is to start production of the first vehicles as early as 2025.

Cover image source: Getty Images