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Hungarian SMEs face new challenges every day

According to a survey, as a result of the economic crisis, the value of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary could decrease by almost 50 percent between 2020 and 2022. This data is not surprising considering the events of recent years: the risk of war conflict, inflation and the energy crisis had historic consequences for economies worldwide, putting Hungarian companies in a difficult situation as well. At the same time, the owners and managers of the enterprises may be able to offset the negative effects with the appropriate measures. The national economic event series of Portfolio and KAVOSZ, the first stop of which is Debrecen, can help company managers, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

At the free professional event, we will go around with the help of company managers, experts, as well as representatives of the policy and financing side, but what can Hungarian businesses expect this year, is there an expected improvement in economic processes, what domestic resources and credit programs are available to companies for crisis management or just how to maintain and increase competitiveness on a difficult course.


DEBRECEN – Let’s speed up the domestic SME sector together!
At our conference, you can get answers to, among other things, the question of where we are in the tunnel and what is coming up, what are the economic prospects in Hungary.

The series of events

  • its first stop will be Debrecen on April 12,
  • on the 13th in Miskolc,
  • on the 27th in Veszprém,
  • on May 9 in Győr,
  • on May 10 in Szeged,
  • and on May 11 in Kecskemét

we are waiting for those who are interested.

Who should visit the conference? SME owners, company managers, entrepreneurs, municipal leaders, officials, and representatives of the financing side can all gain important information.

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