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Hundreds of deaths in the bombed theater

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Published: Today 03.25

Updated: Less than 40 minutes ago

A man walks on the rubble of a burnt house that was destroyed in a Russian attack in Kharkiv.

1 of 3Photo: Felipe Dana / AP / TT

According to Ukrainian authorities, around 300 people may have died in the Russian bombing of the Mariupol theater on March 16. Hundreds of people took refuge in the building.

Russia is now rumored to be changing tactics during the war.

“There are reports from eyewitnesses that around 300 people died inside the Mariupol theater after Russian hunting attacks,” the Mariupol city board of directors wrote on Telegram.

It is unclear whether the rescuers made their way through all the rubble at the site or how eyewitnesses got to the task.

About 1,300 people are said to have sought refuge in the building when it was bombed, and on the ground outside was the text “children” written in large letters that appeared for incoming fighter jets.

Dead Russian soldiers

The Russian military now claims 1,351 soldiers were killed in Ukraine. In addition, 3,825 were injured. The defense ministry said in early March that nearly 500 soldiers had been killed.

The death toll differs significantly from the information provided by Ukraine and the NATO military alliance. Earlier this week, a senior NATO official said between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed after a month of fighting.

All information on deaths is unconfirmed and very difficult for outsiders to verify.

A weapons wish list that Ukraine presented to the United States shows that the country needs 500 anti-aircraft robots and 500 anti-tank robots – every day. However, Russia’s large-scale war seems to be partly changing character.

To counterattack

Ukrainian forces counterattacked in places. In Berdyansk, they say they managed to destroy a Russian landing craft. Russian forces outside Kiev appear to be defending rather than attacking.

– They aren’t actually trying to advance right now. It takes more defensive stances, a Pentagon official from the US Department of Defense said at a news conference.

According to the Ukrainian government, the Kremlin changed its tactics for a longer phase of the war to reduce its losses, according to the think tank Institute for the Study of War.

Much uncertainty

The Pentagon estimates that Russia has shifted its focus from Kiev to Donbass in eastern Ukraine, where Russian forces appear to be trying to isolate and cut out pockets of Ukrainian resistance.

– I would say that this is an area that has become much more active for the Russian forces. They put more energy into that area, the Pentagon official said.

Several Western countries have sent large shipments of arms, ammunition and other equipment to Ukraine, warning that there is a risk of running out of certain equipment.


Published: March 25, 2022 at 03.25