For most people being the strongest person in the Marvel Universe might be enough of a superpower to get one by. Since most of us don’t have any superpowers one is just fine, and one as powerful as the Hulk’s is even better. That’s not how the Hulk rolls, though. When Bruce Banner did his gamma radiation experiment he didn’t just give himself a stronger angrier half, he also gave that half some extra powers to make that super strength all the more menacing. There are some things that come with the levels of strength the Hulk has naturally and then there are some powers that you wouldn’t guess he’d have, like the one to deal with Bruce’s dead dad Brian Banner. There are powers that people from the planet Sakaar or his cousin Jennifer Walters aka the She Hulk know all too well. Or powers that come in handy when traveling with space faring heroes like Thor. The Hulk is so powerful that it might mean that there isn’t enough in this univers to even kill the Hulk. There are powers that villains like Speedfreak found out in the most disturbing way. With all of that power the Hulk might just might be one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. If only he wasn’t so prone to anger and smashing. Let’s take a look at ten of Hulk’s power that gets overshadowed by all the crushing and the smashing.

if there’s one thing we all know about

the ever-lovin Hulk

is that the Hulk smashes with strength

that super does he need more powers

because he’s got him it doesn’t take

long for the characters of Marvel Comics

to slip the surly bonds of Earth and

explore the skies unfortunately once

they go there they found the legs of

Galactus the Skrulls the Kree and

basically a whole lot of trouble as a

result of some of our mightiest heroes

is found a way to survive the rigors of

space Tony Stark is a special space Iron

Man suit in case he has to hand deliver

a nuclear missile without passing out

the x-men special Blackbird can go into

low Earth orbit

the Fantastic Four got fantastic by

going into space in their own shuttle

when the Hulk goes into space however he

does it by the way he does everything he

gets super mad and at one point the

people of Earth decided to deal with

their Hulk problem by putting him in a

capsule and shooting him into space the

capsule broke which just made the Hulk

angry as the vacuum of space tried to do

its thing it made the Hulk even matter

causing the physiology to counter any

damaged space caused the Hulk is so

resilient in this way that it’s been

postulated that when the universe dies

the Hulk will be left alone drifting and

waiting for the next universe to come

along if the lack of pressure in space

isn’t enough to end the Hulk how about

the pressure of the deep only 5% of the

sea has been mapped and explored

according to the National ocean surface

and that’s partly because it’s easier to

lob something into space than it is to

send it to the bottom of the sea and get

it back this isn’t a problem for the


once again rage and strength come in

handy when resisting the massive

pressure of the deep sea but maybe

you’re still asking how he’s breathing

well good question no matter rage is

gonna make oxygen go into your lungs

when there’s no oxygen around to go

there for once however this power isn’t

produced just by getting angrier even

the Hulk can’t solve all those problems

by getting mad at them for this one he

needs a little bit of help turns out

there’s a gland the Dalek has that

produces oxygen it’s called the

oxygenated per fluorocarbon emulsion

that causes the Hulk to fill his lungs

with air internally allowing him to stay

underwater as long as he wants he can

even fight giant squids because no

matter where the

goes no matter how remote he’s gonna

find someone to smash one of the

hallmarks of Marvel superheroes is that

their power generally speaking comes at

some sort of personal cost or the

characters struggle against their own

demons Captain America is a super

soldier but he was frozen in ice for

decades and now lives out of his own

time Tony Stark has metal shards in his

chest Peter Parker can’t make his rent

burst Ben are aside from his more famous

rage issues has more than enough room

for his father issues as well

Brian banner the banners clearly have a

thing for alliteration was Bruce’s

father but he wouldn’t win father of the

year no no he was abusive towards Bruce

and on the anniversary of the death of

Bruce’s mother the Bannerman got into a

fight that resulted in the accidental

death of Brian banner concerned that

Brian’s ghost would come back to haunt

them because why wouldn’t it so he gave

the Hulk the ability to see ghosts

because comics it also means that Hulk

can see Doctor Strange in his astral

form though as one would imagine it

doesn’t mean that they have a lot of

deep and meaningful conversations turns

out Bruce was right Brian banners ghost

theatre haunt Bruce and the Hulk and the

Hulk’s ability to see him coming did

come in handy of all the strengths that

the Hulk has his mind isn’t usually on

the top of the list when it comes to the

Hulk a Bruce has brains and the Hulk has

the brawn apparently making lots of

money with that combination isn’t as

easy as the Pet Shop Boys would lead us

to believe but for those hoping to use

their mental powers the nudge the Hulk

into doing what they want they’re gonna

have to face the same disappointment

that everyone else faces trying to get

the hell to cooperate the Hulk’s mind is

resistant to psionic attacks this one is

into rage based power either it turns

out the source of this resistance comes

from the Hulk’s head being a crowded and

messy place it’s not just the Hulk and

banner that have to go habitate one mind

but there’s more than one Hulk in there

what started off as a quirk of printing

ink has turned into a split personality

within a split personality on top of the

green rage machines Savage

there’s also the gray Hulk who has a

personality different to the other do

any suppression of one personality just

gives the other one the chance to take

the wheel this apparently doesn’t apply

to MCU Elko got a mental nudge from

Scarlet Witch in age of Ultron we don’t

tend to look at power lifters or

bodybuilders as the fast types even in

sports it’s the big strong guys that ram

into other big strong guys so the little

faster guys can run away safely I’m

pretty sure that’s how sports work but

when you’re dealing with the kind of

strength that the Hulk has speed comes

with all that power as part of the

package most of that comes in the form

of punching and kicking and smashing

with super speed that means that he can

run super fast as well well

theoretically there’s a bit of a problem

if the Hulk has to use that super speed

you see while the Hulk might be super

strong the earth beneath his feet is

still just the earth beneath his feet

when all that power starts coming down

that fast and hard well knock it off it

takes a toll on the ground beneath not

that the Hulk usually cares about

leaving a wake of destruction but it’s

hard to get going if the ground keeps

crumbling so the Hulk prefers leaping

since he can clear entire continents

with his leaps it’s a fair trade often

there are people who will say that the

rage is what keeps them going waking up

every morning angry and ready to take on

all who wronged him which a buddy who

hurts you when it comes to the Hulk

however that’s not a metaphor rage

really does keep him going and will

likely keep him going for a very long

time remember how we said that when the

universe comes to a slow end it will

contain an angry Hulk floating through

space waiting for the next one well it’s

not just his ability to create his own

oxygen that does that

while anger will put years it just keeps

putting gears on the end of the halts

because his rage induces growth he’s

constantly replacing his cells with

stronger cells meaning that there is a

very little out there that could kill

the Hulk it’s not actually unheard of

some tortoises have what’s actually

called negligible senescence that’s a

fancy way of saying that at a certain

point the tortoises just stopped aging

essentially tortoises don’t die

something has to kill them but you

didn’t think you learned some real-world

signs here did you the Hulk has his own

form of negligible senescence put on top

of that him being particularly hard to

kill and you have practically an

immortal Hulk cue up the Angus Young

guitar if this is the big one well at

the very least a bit of a crowd favorite

when you’re as strong as the Hulk simply

punching things can get boring and

time-consuming there are only so many

times you can swing a tank at other

tanks before you start looking for a

shortcut to clearing a path one of the

best ways to do that and one of his big

go twos when there are a lot of things

that need smashing all in one direction

is the thunderclap Thunder well a

natural thunderclap isn’t really a clap

but instead a clap like sound Thunder

makes pulse thunderclap is literally a

clap that causes thunder the Hulk’s clap

causes a vacuum of oxygen and a

shockwave that combines to greet

hurricane Wayne levels of force and an

accompanying sonic boom each of those by

themselves can be destructive but

together they can effectively clear a

room the thunderclap is so effective

that in the comics it’s one of his

favorite moves though we don’t see him

using it that much in the MCU you gotta

leave some bad guys for Thor to hit

right at the end of the Infinity saga

there was a moment when Earth’s

Mightiest Heroes had to make a decision

about who to give the nano gauntlet to

Thor was actually a pretty natural

choice but he had fallen on some hard

times and wasn’t in the best mindset to

be given the most powerful object in the

universe the duty then fell to Smart

Hulk not because of his size or range

induced powers but rather how he got

those powers banner was pulled out of

hiding in the first Avengers movie for

that same thing it turns out that the

Infinity stones give off massive doses

of gamma radiation the very radiation

that created the Hulk in the first place

that’s why he said he was practically

made for this and he might not be wrong

in the comics The Hulk has the ability

to control that radiation including

emitting it himself this means that it’s

impossible to radiate the Hulk since

he’s already a radiating this can be a

drawback however since he’s always doing

that when he fights someone who feeds

off gamma radiation like the Red Hulk he

just makes them stronger

remember all the way back to the

Incredible Hulk movie and Stan Lee’s

cameo that involved the drop of the

Hulk’s blood getting in a bottle of soda

and being shipped to the United States

and finding its way into Stan the man’s


that’s what tips people off to the

location of the Hulk and sets off the

series of events that ends with him an

abomination destroying Harlem that’s not

the first time that Hulk blood has had a

big effect on things when his cousin

Jennifer Walters needed a blood

transfusion one from Bruce Banner gave

her she-hulk powers sort of had to see

that one coming though really

but the Hulk’s blood has had other

effects that perhaps we’re not so

obvious like during the Planet Hulk

storyline where a drop of Hulk’s blood

dropped on the ground of the dying

planet of Sekar and a flower grew where

flowers had not grown in a long time

the Hulk’s blood gave life to the planet

and solidified his role as the planets


obviously the cigar the comics is a

little different than the ones in the

MCU it was still a great place to be the

Hulk though and there aren’t many of

those things like negligible senescence

and oxidated per floor carving emulsion

might make things like not dying of old

age or suffocation easier but that’s not

gonna be enough to keep the Hulk hulking

all the way to the end especially when

the Hulk has such dangerous hobbies like

jumping headlong into the most dangerous

thing you can find in punching it real

real hard well for those worried about

his broken wing after snapping the nano

Golic it worry no more the Hulk can

regenerate in a manner similar to heroes

famous for their regeneration abilities

like Wolverine and Deadpool that’s right

even if you managed to penetrate his

nearly invulnerable hide or injure him

in some other way his recovery times

gonna be a lot quicker than the average

person in fact in the comics he’s able

to do that faster than anyone including

Wolverine and Deadpool like weirdly fast

in an encounter with speed freak the

Hulk stomach got sliced up when the Hulk

held his hand over the wound had healed

up over his hand forcing him to reopen

the wound to get his hand back like

Wolverine and Deadpool the Hulk has been

able to regenerate even from having most

of his body destroyed all of which ends

up to a Mean Green smashing machine

that’s pretty darn hard to stop

those are some of the powers that came

with being a super strong rage monster

what’s your favorite Hulk power was the

one we didn’t get to let us know in the

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