Huawei announced Huawei Docs, a new office software suite that can be used both offline and online, to rival popular office software such as Microsoft Office. The application will also be able to open files created with applications such as Word and Excel.

It is known that US President Donald Trump has long waged a war against Huawei, one of China’s largest companies. As a result of this economic war, the US government, which significantly prohibited the company from using US products, continues to make Huawei its home, citing the bad neighbor example. With its latest announcement, Huawei introduced Huawei Docs, which will rival text editing platforms such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

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Also announced on the Huawei Mobile Services Twitter account, Huawei Docs has been introduced as a platform where you can browse more than 50 document formats from a single point, create and edit new files. However, Huawei Docs, which is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, offers the opportunity to open and edit the files you have prepared and saved in these applications without any problems.

Huawei Docs

What’s in Huawei Docs?

Huawei Docs; An office suite that includes Document, Spreadsheet and many other light and easy-to-use office applications. Offering the ability to edit both offline and online on your computer, Huawei Docs allows you to synchronize the updated files on multiple devices simultaneously, using the multi-device file synchronization capabilities of Huawei Drive.

Huawei Docs

Why is Huawei making these investments?

Huawei has been trying to get as far away from US products as possible lately. In particular, US President Donald Trump‘s sanctions against Huawei seem to have forced the company to take such steps. Currently banned from buying semiconductors using US technologies, Huawei is trying to eliminate its dependence on the USA in software.

Huawei Docs

From this point of view, Huawei is expected to become a self-sufficient company in all respects by introducing many more applications in the coming days and reducing its dependence on the USA and other countries.

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