Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range

Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its objective in the mid-range here.

Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range

Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Huawei nova 9, analysis: Huawei does not throw in the towel and puts its goal in the mid-range

In September, Huawei presented in China the Huawei nova 9 and 9 Pro , two 4G models of mid-range with a slim design and a curved OLED screen . A month later, the company announced that both the first of them and the Huawei nova 8i would be marketed in Spain.

Now the Huawei nova 9 has passed through our analysis table and we have been able to check how it behaves in each of the sections. On paper, it comes with specifications and a price that place it directly in the premium mid-range . Of course, without 5G and without Google services (due, as we know, to the American veto ). Let’s see if it’s really worth your purchase.

Huawei nova 9 data sheet



OLED 6, 57 inches

FullHD + Resolution (2021 x 1080 pixels)

Refresh rate: 120 Hz


Snapdragon 771 G 4G


8 GB


128 GB / 256 GB


Android 12 with EMUI 12

No Google services

Rear camera

Principal: 50 MP f / 1.9

Wide angle: 8 MP f / 2.2

Depth: 2 MP f / 2.4

Macro: 2 MP f / 2.4

Frontal camera

32 MP f / 2.0


4300 mAh

Fast charge of 66 W


Dual SIM, 4G / LTE, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, USB-C


On-screen fingerprint reader

Dimensions and weight

160 x 73, 7 x 7, 77 mm

175 g


8GB / 093 GB: 499 euros

HUAWEI Nova 9, Quadruple 4K ultravision camera of 45 MP, Hyper-realistic Curved Screen of 120 Hz, HUAWEI Supercharge 63 W, EMUI 12, Starry Blue

Crush at first sight

Luckily, the unit that has passed through our hands is the color “stellar blue” (black is very sober), with a pearl tone that changes under the light generating attractive reflections . This striking design of the back, together with the curvature of the sides of the screen and some metallic edges, make it really beautiful at first glance.

Your weight of only 175 g, its thickness of just 7.8 mm and its textured back make it feel comfortable in the hand, although it slides easily (bring a transparent cover to avoid this ). Another positive point in this regard is the complete absence of traces and dirt , in addition to that characteristic camera module that, despite its size and the fact that it protrudes a lot, does not clash excessively. Plated by Huawei in this section.

On the left side it is completely smooth, just like the top. The right edge is reserved for the power button and the volume control, while at the bottom, we have a speaker, the USB-C port and the card slot ( supports two SIMs ). Don’t look for the headphone jack because there isn’t one.

Let’s talk about the screen, which in the nova 9 is an OLED panel of 6, 57 inches with a few frames very tight, a perforation for the front camera and curved edges, which, we are not going to fool ourselves, goes by taste. I personally prefer flat screens and I consider that their handling is a lot more comfortable and natural.

The combination of the striking design of the back with the curved screen and the metallic edges makes, at first glance, it is really beautiful

In any case, the screen has a FullHD + resolution, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sample rate of 300 Hz. In addition, boast of reproducing 1. . . All this, in practice, translates into a very satisfactory viewing experience , even in sunlight or at forced angles.

In the sound section, this model lacks a headphone jack and only has a single speaker lower that delivers a sound with an acceptable power and without distortions unless we turn it up to the maximum. However, in the price range to which it belongs, we miss stereo speakers.

The Achilles Heel is called HMS

Under the chassis, the Huawei nova 9 hides a Snapdragon 778 G from Qualcomm modified; And what does this modification consist of? Basically at the loss of 5G connectivity , a point where the nova 9 loses out to most of its rivals. Above all, if we consider that it costs 500 euros and, for that price, there are hardly any 4G models available now.

Connectivity aside, that Snapdragon 778 G in combination with the 8 GB of RAM offers fluid performance both when playing as when running any application. It also handles multitasking with ease, without lags or sudden shutdowns. And something that has caught our attention: it does not heat up even if you subject it to demanding tasks. Here are the most popular benchmarks:






Snapdragon 771 G 4G

Snapdragon 771 G

Snapdragon 771 G

Snapdragon 771 G


8 GB

6 GB

8 GB

6 GB

GEEKBENCH 5.0 (Single / Multi)

789 / two.968

686 / two.479

788 / two.759

771 / two.789


9. 638

12. 400

12. 697

10. 743

And let’s get into the controversial software. As we said at the beginning, the US veto on Huawei is still in force and that prevents the Chinese manufacturer from including Google services in its phones. The nova 9 comes with EMUI 12 based on Android 11, but lacks all Google apps and replaces them with HMS (Huawei mobile Services), with its own apps such as Huawei Video, Petal Search, Petal Maps or App Gallery .

From App Gallery we can download thousands of applications, but we miss many of the most popular apps and games that we do have on Google Play

From the latter we can download thousands of applications, but do not expect to find many of the most popular apps and games that we do have on Google Play. In return, it offers us links to download and install the apk of applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, which run without problems (with the risks that this entails). There are also those of Google, but we already anticipate that they do not work. The solution? Use the browser to, for example, access YouTube or Gmail.

Apart from that, we are facing a heavy and unpolished coat for the western market, with many customization options, but with a multitude of bloatware and a excessive advertising . In fact, initially they were almost busy 20 GB of the 128 that our model includes, and does not support a microSD. The positive part is that, despite everything, this software does not slow down the system.

From the software we go to the battery, a device where the Huawei nova 9 takes off not by autonomy, but by its spectacular charging speed. Opting for a thin and light body prevents including a large battery, so this model mounts a 4. 300 mAh, which reaches the end of the day, but not much beyond , and with average use, it remains in about 6 hours of screen.

But all that makes up for its fast charge of 66 W , which, with the included charger, manages to complete a charge from 0% in about 45 minutes. And in an emergency, it hardly takes long 17 minutes to get the 45% of energy.

What about biometric identification systems? The Huawei nova 9 integrates facial recognition and a fingerprint reader under the screen. Both are effective and fast , nothing hits in this regard.

Fame -in photography- precedes him

The photographic equipment of the Huawei nova 9 is composed of a front camera of 32 f / 2.0 megapixels and a quad rear camera with a main sensor of 50 f / 1.9 megapixels , an 8 megapixel f / 2.2 wide angle, a macro lens and a depth sensor, these two last 2 megapixels and with aperture f / 2.4. Both cameras record 4K video, but Artificial Intelligence stabilization (AIS) is not very effective in that case.

The camera application is quite intuitive and has shortcuts to most of the common functions and shooting modes (Night, Portrait, Photo, Video, and Vlog). Inside the More tab, we have many more options that we can drag to the mode carousel , among which are Pro (professional), Super macro, Aperture (to vary the background blur), Slow Motion and Fast Motion. Yes, we miss the ability to turn HDR on or off.

Photo Mode

But let’s talk about what really matters: the quality of the images. In favorable lighting conditions, the Huawei nova 9 offers photos with acceptable level of detail, good dynamic range and correct focus (AF is fast and effective). It must also be said that Artificial Intelligence complies well with its scene recognition function. You can even breastfeed in backlights.

Artificial Intelligence fulfills its scene recognition function well, it can even breastfeed in backlights

Unfortunately, this mobile brings the usual camera configuration that we find in the mid-range, so lacks optical zoom (we recommend shooting in High Resolution mode and cropping, and never exceeding 2X with digital zoom). At least the wide angle and the macro do a good job; the first because it manages to reduce distortion and hardly loses light, and the Super macro mode because it allows us to obtain well-focused images from 4 cm away.

Photo Mode (left) vs Portrait Mode (right)

Unlike what happens in most phones on the market, whatever their range, here the Portrait mode does not allow us to adjust the background blur and that produces excessive bokeh with somewhat erratic foreground clipping. If we want to vary it, we must resort to the Aperture mode, with which we can modify it before and after the shot.

Photo Mode

Photo Mode (left) vs Night Mode (right)

At night, the camera of the Huawei nova 9 shows all the experience that the Chinese manufacturer treasures in night photography and does not disappoint. It doesn’t matter if you shoot in Photo mode (automatic) or in Night mode, this mobile takes good photos with a low noise level, high detail and fairly controlled lights.

Front Camera Photo Mode

Front camera: Photo mode (left) vs Portrait mode (right)

The front camera, for its part, obtains well-focused selfies, with a good level of detail and a correct dynamic range. The Portrait mode offers us the option to apply a beautifier and different effects , but again, it doesn’t allow us to adjust the background blur to our liking. Of course, here the foreground clipping is much more natural.

Photo Mode

Front camera: Photo mode (left) vs Night mode (right)

As for the behavior of the front camera in low light scenes, we have to say that here Huawei has also done a good job. The night selfies that this mobile offers us have surprised us for good , especially if we use the Night mode, which better controls the lights and recovers detail from the dark areas with results typical of a higher range.

Huawei nova 9, the opinion of Engadget Mobile

For the 499 euros that costs the Huawei nova 9 ( 416 or 479 euros in some offers), we have a phone with an exquisite design , a spectacular screen, more than adequate performance and a fast charging system that, quite simply, makes life so much easier.

Nor can we forget those cameras that, especially at night, remind us in each image everything that Huawei has made progress in photography . However, the nova 9 is not a perfect phone and we do miss some common features in this range, such as 5G connectivity or stereo speakers.

That operating system so overloaded and that need to resort to the apk of widely used apps, greatly tarnish the user experience

That said, we have to talk about the software and about that absence of Google services how much is penalizing Huawei. There will be those who do not mind, but it must be recognized that, for most, that overloaded operating system and that need to resort to the apk of widely used apps, greatly tarnish the user experience. If in your case it is not a problem, go ahead with your purchase.


Design 9, 25

Screen 9.0

Performance 8, 25

Cameras 8.5

Software 5.0

Autonomy 7.5

In favor

  • Charge the phone in 45 minutes is a luxury .
      Camera performance at night.
    • OLED screen of 120 Hz is wonderful, as is its design.


    • A software with a lot of advertising and without Google services.
    • The US ban also leaves you without 5G.
    • Fair autonomy to last a day.

    HUAWEI Nova 9, Quadruple 4K ultravision camera of 45 MP, Hyper-realistic Curved Screen of 120 Hz, HUAWEI Supercharge 63 W, EMUI 12, Starry Blue