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The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi he signed the ordinances that regulate the high school and eighth grade exams for the current school year. The baccalaureate ordinance in particular was presented in January and had provoked widespread protests among students: in fact it provided for the return to an exam very similar to the one in force before the pandemic, although the students who will take the exam come from almost two years of enormous difficulties in teaching and distance learning, with inevitable consequences on their preparation. Minister Bianchi responded to the students’ proposals, but only to a small extent.

After two years of the baccalaureate exam consisting only of an oral interview, as of this year Minister Bianchi had foreseen the return of the traditional exam, with two written tests and one oral. The students would have preferred an oral exam only, which therefore would have allowed each individual commission to calibrate the exam based on the difficulties encountered by each class. The ministry has instead decided to confirm the examination system presented in Januaryby modifying only the distribution of the score to be assigned to each test, in order to give less weight to the writings and more to the school path and the oral interview.

There first written testthat of Italian, will be held on June 22 and students will be offered seven tracks of three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text and critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on topical issues.

The next day, June 23, will be held the second written test, which will be different for each course (for example at the classical high school there will be that of Latin and the scientific one of mathematics). As already foreseen in the draft presented in January, the choice of the specific path to be assigned will be entrusted to the individual institutes, “in order to take into account what is actually carried out, also in consideration of the health emergency”.

By next 22 June the teachers who are part of the examination committees of each school will have to elaborate three proposals for tracks for the second test. On the day of the test, one will be drawn, which will be carried out by all the classes of the school.

Finally there will be the oral interviewwhich will begin with the analysis of a topic chosen by the commission, made up of six internal commissioners and an external president.

The final evaluation will remain in hundredths: up to a maximum of 50 points will be assigned to the scholastic credit, that is the final evaluation of the last three years of high school. A maximum of 15 points will be awarded for the written Italian test, up to 10 points for the second test, and up to 25 points for the interview, with the possibility of obtaining honors.

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