Players wonder “How to Use the PUBG Premium Chest Coupon?” We answered the question. You will be able to continue using coupons like this in 2021. PUBG Mobile players do not know what to do with the PUBG Mobile Premium Crate Coupon items obtained from various events and missions.

How to use the PUBG Premium Chest Coupon for players who do not know how to use it? started asking too many questions in the form. We provide useful information on the subject and answer your questions. If you have a question, you can write it as a comment.

How to use the PUBG Premium Chest Coupon?

How to use the PUBG Premium Chest Coupon? The question will be one of the most important questions both now and in 2021. We will transfer the system that will change in future updates. PUBG Mobile players will be able to take advantage of the Premium Chest Coupon items they have accumulated and extract very important items. Below, we explain what you need to do for this. How to Use the PUBG Premium Crate Coupon we have also answered? We will also answer the questions that will be useful for you here.

How to Use PUBG Premium Chest Coupon ?;

In the PUBG Mobile game, click on the Premium Crate Coupon item from there in the inventory section. After clicking on the item, press theUsebutton in the window that opens and use it.

You can use the PUBG Premium Chest Coupon by following the steps we explained above. Please indicate your questions about the subject that you are curious about and want to ask in the comments.

PUBG Mobile Free PUBG Crate Coupon

In this Video, I am going to tell you PUBG Mobile New VPN trick and Get free PUBG crate Coupon., Free Classic Crate Coupon, and Free Premium Crate Coupon and Also talking about PUBG Mobile Season 8.

How do I get premium coupons in PUBG?

In-game scraps are materials used to earn coupons – They can be gained from specific events, or be merely opening the crates and obtaining them from inside. Premium crate coupon scraps can be combined to make premium coupons via locating the scraps in your inventory and hitting the ‘combine’ button if advised to do so.

  • PUBG Mobile: Here’s how to get a free Premium Crate Coupon
  • Open PUBG Mobile and click the ‘Blazing Treasure’ Banner located towards the bottom right.
    Tap the ‘fuel pump’ button located in the bottom right corner of the window. This will bring up a photo of the fuel pump.
  • Tap the fuel pump to get your free Premium Crate.

How do I use premium crate coupons in PUBG 2020?

Premium crate coupon scraps can be combined to make premium coupons via locating the scraps in your inventory and hitting the ‘combine’ button if advised to do so. Typically, you’ll need a couple of scraps to produce one coupon. Then, the coupon is used to open up a premium crate.

Why can’t I use premium crate coupon in PUBG?

The reason is that premium crates are not available right now crates now available are different ones you need uc only to open them and after some time premium crates will return I mean 10–14 days.

What is the best time to open crates in PUBG mobile?

There is a YouTuber who said that the best time to open a premium crate or Superior crate not soldier crate is 3pm or 3am IST.

Is premium crate removed from PUBG?

The premium crate option was disabled in PUBG Mobile on 31st May 2020. Players are curious on what should be done with the premium crate coupons that they have in their inventory. From the above screenshot, you can clearly see that the premium crates are missing and have been replaced by custom crates.

How do I get PUBG coupon scraps?

By Redeem Option

PUBG Mobile recently added a new option in the redeem section in which players could retrieve premium crate coupon scraps. A player can redeem up to 5 premium crate coupon scraps for 100 silver fragments, with each costing around 20 silver fragments.