Short hair is very democratized today. Even among the most feminine of you. Short hair allows you to clear your face and be a true seductress, revealing the neck and bust. Although it is necessary to know how to comb it. Needless to say, it’s curly! Follow our advice.

To show off a perfectly combed short and curly hair, it will be necessary to have beautiful curls. “To give your curls a good shape, put a styling mousse on damp hair to increase the volume of the curl and give it structure.” Even though your hair is naturally curly, your curls can be perfectly styled! So don’t hesitate to give your hair a hand.

short curly hair

Another problem with curly hair is that it usually looks dry. Result, unruly curls appear.

“There is no mystery, for your curly hair to look beautiful it is necessary to deeply hydrate it. Use keratin-based treatments to repair the fiber in a lasting way and restore shine to your hair.”

Now that your curls are structured and your hair hydrated, it’s time to style. Don’t try to discipline short curly hair. Rather, set it free while you work it. “Put styling foam on damp hair or a product to define curls.” If you want to achieve a very natural result, let your hair air dry. If not, use a blow dryer and, with your head down, let the curls fall in and form naturally. Next, place your hair with your fingers.

Enhancing Short Naturally Curly Hair

Today I’m showing you how I style and enhance the naturally curly hair God gave me. I have a few great techniques that reduce frizz, add volume, and shape my curls to last for days. Let me know what hair tutorial you’d like to see next in the comments and don’t forget to Comment!

Our tip: For your hair to be laid easily and naturally, you will need an adapted haircut. In the case of curly hair, the ideal is to opt for a degraded cut but not too much, to achieve an evenly distributed volume.