Parents are protective, as is known. This is quite normal and acceptable. Parents who set up a Google family link in order to be able to follow their children instantly and see data from their child’s device now, for some reasons, how to remove Google family link? They ask questions. We have done some major researches today to help you. We have turned this research into a quality article for you. How to remove Google family link? Let’s examine this together.

What is Google Family Link?

With the Google family link, you will be able to see exactly what their children are doing on Android devices. You can see what videos they watched, what photos they have in their album and what they searched on the internet thanks to the Google family link, but for some reason, and maybe even because their children are growing, some adults may want to break this link.

How to Remove Google Family Link?

First of all, if the child in question is under the age of 13, the adult has the right to delete his child’s Google account with the Google family link application. If you subsequently remove your child’s account from that device only, then you won’t be able to receive data from that device alone. You will continue to receive data from any device your child has an account on. You will need your child’s device to literally uninstall the Google family link application and break all connections. Perform these operations in order.

  1. Sign in to your parental Google Account.
  2. Choose your child.
  3. After parental settings, click Other.
  4. Select Account information in the menu on the left.
  5. Select Delete Account and Data.

How to Remove Family Guards?

Other family protections can be removed by examining the settings in the operator application or phone. In addition I hope how to remove the Google family link? We could tell.