Apart from the game, Steam is also a huge platform where some of its programs are sold. Of course, people sometimes have a desire to return a product they purchased just because they cannot find what they expected, and Steam welcomes this. There are some conditions that you just need to know and that put limits on this situation. Let’s examine it a little bit if you want.

What is Steam Game Refunds?

Refund Steam Game

If you do not like a game you bought on Steam or if you need your money back, you can get a refund by refunding it. This payment is the same as the payment you made. You will not be losing money.

How to Refund Steam Game?

Friends, you must first create a return request for this situation. Creating a refund request for Steam is very easy. There is even a URL and an address made by steam for you to do this. You can go to the address named “http://help.steampowered.com/” to create a return request and initiate the necessary procedures.

Steam Game Refund Terms

Refund Steam Game

I would like to give an example to this issue through DLC’s because the situation is not so different in games. DLC purchased from the Steam store can be returned within fourteen days of purchase, unless the respective game has been played for less than two hours after the DLC was purchased, i.e. the DLC has not been used, modified or transferred.

Please note that in some cases, a DLC provided by a third party cannot be refunded by Steam (for example, if the DLC irreversibly upgrades a game character). These exceptions will be clearly displayed on the Shop page where the purchase will be made.

Returning Game Played Over 2 Hours of Steam

Refund Steam Game

This situation is at the mercy of the Steam refund inspection team. Normally, the playing time in the steam information form is limited to 2 hours within the refund conditions, but even I personally returned a game that I did not like for 3.5 hours, if you tell me why you do not like it in a proper and polite language when creating a refund request and say that you will buy another game. Your money can be refunded. 2021