The sun and blonde don’t make a very good pair, so you should adopt a special routine in summer to prevent your color from tending to yellow.

Regardless of whether it is natural or dyed, blonde is more vulnerable to the sun than other shades. The reason is that it has a very weak concentration of melanin, the dark pigment that absorbs UV rays. For this reason, golden hair tends to fade and even yellow. Luckily, you can change this catastrophic picture with a few small gestures. 

Protect hair from UV rays

The sun is especially harmful to blonde hair, so hair care against UV rays will become your best allies. These products act as a shield and protect the hair from external aggressions. The most of the most? The formulas that combine protection and hydration And to enhance their effectiveness, you can complete this routine with a hat, a cap or a handkerchief; especially in those regions where the sun is quite intense.

Moisturize, nourish and neutralize undesirable reflections

After a lazy day in the sun, blonde hair asks for only one thing: to be pampered. And you should opt for moisturizing and nourishing care to combat the harsh effect caused by the sun, especially if you have it dyed. In addition, since the hair oxidizes and turns yellow due to UV rays, there is nothing like applying a purple shampoo like the one in the Go Blondie range to neutralize these undesirable reflections. This product can be used once a week, and is ideal for reviving blonde shine.