How to Share Photos on Instagram with Computer?

It is now possible to share photos from Instagram with a computer. As you know, we can only share with mobile devices on Instagram. It’s impossible to schedule posts on Instagram like Facebook and Twitter. In short, Instagram is the most challenging social media platform. But after reading this article, you will now be able to share photos from your computer on Instagram. Also, this method we’ll show you is pretty simple. You will be able to easily share photos on Instagram without adding any add-ons to your computer.

Instagram started out as a mobile application. Undoubtedly, it continues to maintain its leadership in the mobile application world. As we mentioned before, Instagram is the strictest of mobile applications in content sharing. After some developments in the past days, it seems that there will be new developments regarding sharing photos on Instagram, more precisely sharing from the computer.

Judging by the content of the tweet shared by Matt Navarra, you will now have the chance to upload photos by visiting the Instagram mobile website. Change the settings of the internet browser. Then you can easily share by presenting yourself to the server as a mobile device. Under normal circumstances, Instagram could prevent this. But this new development shows that Instagram will now make flexibility in terms of photo sharing.

When sharing this way, the filter is not available. It is also possible to view the “Discover” section on Instagram. But access to DM or stories is currently not possible. Despite this, although the possibilities are still limited, it was enough to make users smile. This development, which especially pleases social media managers, can lead to new developments in the continuation of photo sharing on Instagram from the computer.

How To Post On Instagram From Computer?

If you use Google Chrome as a browser, what you need to do;

  • First, log into Instagram via Chrome.
  • Then right click and click the “Review” button.

Instagram 1 1

  • After saying review, you should select the mobile device icon located at the top of the console.

Instagram 2 1

  • Log into Instagram via Chrome.
  • Right click and click the ” Review ” button.
  • Select the mobile device icon on the console in this section. If it does not switch to the mobile version here, click the mobile icon again from the review section and press F5.

If you are using Safari;

  • As with Chrome, log into Instagram first.
  • Then go to the Development Menu and go to the “Between Users” tab. From here, select the mobile device selection as iPhone or iPad.

Other browser users can easily share Instagram photos from the computer with similar steps.

Instagram Key

How to post on instagram from computer Shortcut Key

Just Press the F12 Key on your keyboard!

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I swear Social Media is designed to just distract and endlessly frustrate ppl- why is everything so difficult?? lol like allowing ppl to post from Desktop will be the end of the world???

My Mac had this message when I tried to download : “Windowed cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. MacOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware”

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