How to open a Google AdSense account

How to open a Google AdSense account

Google’s monetization platform, AdSense, is a service that helps you earn revenue by displaying ads on websites.

After creating a new Adsense account, users report the website to Google, and when Google receives approval, that site will be prevented from making money with Adsense.

In this content, we will talk about what you need to do to open a Google AdSense account. By following the steps below, you can easily create an AdSense account and add your site.

First, click on the link to open Google AdSense account to reach the relevant page. Then click on the ‘Get Started’ button on the top right.

Then you will see a form like the one below. In this form, you need to write the name of your website first. Then immediately enter your email address below (it needs to be gmail). Finally, check if you want to receive emails about AdSense and press ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE‘ button.

You will see the Google login screen. Sign in here with your gmail username and password. Then the account creation screen below will meet you. After selecting your country and region, accept the terms of the contract and click on the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT‘ button.

You have one last step to create an account. You need to create a payment profile from the screen that comes up. To do so, click ‘SEND‘ after entering your personal information and address. Then confirm your phone number and continue with the next step.

Now you need to verify that you own the website you reported to Google when you first created a membership. To do this, paste the short code provided by Google to your site’s HTML, between the head-head tags. If you are a WordPress user, you can do this with a simple plugin.

Now give Google some time. Google will scan the code you add to your site and try to verify that the site is yours.

To check if your site has been verified, enter and check the ‘My Sites’ section on the left side of the AdSense panel. If it says ‘Ready’ across your site address, you have successfully added your site to your AdSense account. You are now ready to make money.