How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB

How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB

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How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB

How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

How to open a current account in Italy to use abroad? – RB

Open an account in Italy and use it abroad it’s possible? In many cases, it is a necessity, linked above all to work-related needs. In some cases, it could be a choice on the part of those who, despite living in Italy, aim to activate a more convenient current account.

When proceeding in this direction, the most important element is to ensure the legality of what you are doing: we know very well the history of important deposits of money that suddenly disappear as they are transferred to a foreign account .

How to open a current account for abroad

The opening of a current account in Italy to be used abroad could coincide with the subscription of an online current account , whose procedure of activation is really very simple to complete.

First of all because, as you can well guess, opening an online current account does not need to physically go to a bank, but it is a procedure that can be carried out term directly from your PC or smartphone .

The opening of a current account requires the presentation of an identity document and, in the event that a credit card associated with the account is also required, any guarantee of an income type , which can be the paycheck or the tax return.

The institute will evaluate the application received and, after evaluating any reports on the client in question, will send the contract to be signed by post, or more likely, directly by mail.

The preliminary step to opening an online current account is represented by the comparative analysis of current accounts available on the market, which can be done through the use of an online tool (such as that of, easy to use, free and also available in an app version).

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Advantages of an online current account for abroad

Online current accounts are characterized by some advantages over traditional current accounts, which you should consider in order to be aware of the choice you want to make.

An online account is, very often, an account at zero expenses , in which, therefore, it will be possible to have:

the annual management fee at no cost; free stamp duty, even for stocks exceeding 5 $; any other services at cost zero, such as online transfers or cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks. Other elements that represent the strength of online checking accounts are their great security and the fact that they can be completely controlled remotely , thanks to ” use of the customer area from a PC or smartphone.

The promotions available on the market today are not only from traditional credit institutions that have digitized themselves with the opening of online current accounts, but also from banks 100% digital .

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you would like to subscribe, to be sure about the reliability and transparency of a product that will then be used practically every day.

We also remind you that the opening of any type of current account is free by law, as well as its closure, which must take place in compliance with 12 days of time, on the basis of what is established by law.

Current account for non-residents

Speaking of current accounts and foreign countries, there is the possibility of opting for a current account for non-residents , or intended for those who, although not living in Italy, still have the opportunity to open a position with an Italian bank.

Specifically, this type of current account may be requested by non-residents in Italy that:

do not have tax residence in our country; have not been registered in the resident register for 183 days; have not been domiciled in Italy for 6 months; do not have their usual residence for more than half a year. This type of current account usually has a higher cost than a traditional current account , as higher commissions are applied, mainly linked to the exchange rate in the event that its holder lives in a non-$ country.

In compliance with the anti-money laundering regulations , which prohibit for example for non-resident Italian citizens to have an ordinary current account jointly with a resident Italian citizen, if you want to open a current account abroad (even with an Italian bank) you will have to:

have an Italian residence; be registered with Aire (the registry of Italians residing abroad; close your Italian current account. Compared to a traditional current account, the current accounts for non-residents have a more limited operation: in fact only allow the crediting of salary, payments and withdrawals.