How to name an heir on Apple iPhone – RB

How to name an heir on Apple iPhone – RB

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How to name an heir on Apple iPhone – RB

How to name an heir on Apple iPhone – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. How to appoint an heir on Apple iPhone – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

How to name an heir on Apple iPhone – RB


Apple recently gave the possibility to name an heir on the iPhone, i.e. a loved one authorized to keep the digital heritage: here’s how

January 2 2022

With the arrival of iOS 15. 2, the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone, Apple has included a number of new , which include the possibility of appoint a (or even more than one) heir contact on Apple products, a feature potentially very useful that it is worthwhile at least to know to understand if it can do for us.

Apple explains the possibility of setting up an heir contact as follows: “Adding an heir contact is the simplest and safest way to allow a trusted person of access the data stored in your Apple account in the event of death. Data includes photos, messages, notes, files, downloaded apps, device backups, and more. I heir contact does not have access to some information, such as movies , music, books or subscriptions purchased with your Apple ID and data stored on your keychain, such as payment information and passwords “. how to name an heir contact on Apple iPhone.

How to name an heir on iPhone

First of all, it should be noted that to access the data listed above, the heir contact needs two elements: the death certificate of the person who appointed the heir contact, which will be submitted to Apple for the necessary checks in order to avoid unjustified access, and the access key generated during the “appointment” process of the heir contact himself, which is essential to be shared with each heir contact (otherwise he will not be able to access the data) and will ensure that no one else, besides the heir, will be able to obtain the digital inheritance.

That said, here’s how to proceed to appoint an heir contact on any iPhone with iOS 15. 2 and later versions. You have to open Settings, tap on the item at the top with first and last name of the owner of the Apple ID, then on Password and security and finally on Contact heir . The next screen shows the contacts named heirs or the entry Add heir contact if no one has ever been named, and in this case follow the steps shown on the screen.

During the process the access key will also be generated, to be shared with the heir contact via SMS (or iMessage) or to print. The procedure will have to be repeated with each loved one you wish to appoint as an heir. If, on the other hand, you want to “revoke” the appointment , you have to touch the contact name and then on Remove contact.

How to access the data of a loved one who has passed away

To access the data of a deceased person who previously had us included among the heir contacts, you must access the Apple Digital Inheritance portal and follow the instructions shown. Possession of the access key is an essential requirement for success of the procedure.