Espresso At Home With Machine

How to Make Espresso? What Is Espresso? At Home With Machine

The difference between classic espresso and ‘regular’ coffee is not only that it is served in a small cup. Espresso is positioned as a different type of coffee with its cooking method.

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The famous barista of RockedBuzz, Graziano Chessa, shares the tips of espresso with you. You can find the answers to the questions of what is espresso and how to make an espresso here.

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What Is Espresso?

Espresso is a coffee-making method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of nearly boiling water is forced under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. Espresso coffee can be made with a wide variety of coffee beans and roast levels. Source (1)

A simple brewing method is not enough to cook espresso. It doesn’t matter whether you prepare espresso with a fully automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic machine. Because the basic principle of espresso cooking method is always the same. For espresso, boiled hot water must pass through extremely finely ground powdered coffee at high pressure. A strainer is used instead of a filter. Thus, nothing is lost from the aromatic flavor of coffee oil. As a result, coffee with a strong and intense flavor is obtained. A thick, hazelnut-colored foam forms on it, that is, cream.

It is a false rumor that espresso contains more caffeine than regular coffee. The more intensely roasted and finely ground coffee beans, shorter contact of the coffee with boiled hot water ensures that the espresso contains less caffeine. Thanks to the longer and darker roasted raw coffee for espresso, the natural acid ratio of the coffee is reduced.

How to Make  Espresso?

It is extremely practical to prepare typical Italian coffees such as Caffè crema and Espresso thanks to the strainer spoon on the espresso coffee machines.

It is important to set the pressure in the coffee machine to 9 bar in order to capture the flavor of the coffee world. Coffee brewed with pressure feature gives Espresso and Caffè crema characteristic crema flavor.

Step #1: Preparation in the espresso coffee machine:

The secret to success is some time.

  • Making espresso with the Coffee Machine is not for people in a hurry. Preparing this type of coffee is almost a ceremony and is a part of true coffee lovers. Your patience will be rewarded with a delicious Espresso or the unique Caffè crema of beautiful Italy.
  • Turn on the espresso coffee machine a few minutes before using it so that the water is at the appropriate temperature for the coffee. Place the coffee spoon with a strainer and make sure that only the boiling water flows out, without any coffee, so that the filter spoon is heated.
  • It is a good idea to preheat the cups as well. For this, you can use the cup warmer section found in many coffee machines. If not, heat the cups by pouring boiled water.

Step #2: Espresso coffee machine- correct grinding setting:

Finely ground coffee.

  • In the espresso coffee machine, the coffee is passed through a strainer coffee spoon with the high pressure of water.
  • However, due to this short interaction time, the coffee must be very finely ground. If you are going to grind your coffee yourself, be sure to adjust the setting of your coffee grinder to the finest or smallest setting.

Did you know that?

When your coffee is coarsely ground, the water flows away very quickly and the espresso flavor intensity becomes weaker.

When the coffee beans are ground finely, the water flows more slowly and the espresso tastes bitter.

Step #3: Espresso coffee machine – the amount of coffee:

How much coffee is put in the coffee maker spoon?

For the classic ‘Single Shot‘, that is, about 8 grams of coffee is required for a cup of espresso. If you want to prepare 2 Espressos at once, you need to add a total of 16 grams of coffee accordingly. Those who like espresso or Caffè crema more intense can use 16 grams of coffee for their drink Single Shot at a time.

Our tip: You can discover your favorite coffee flavor by trying different amounts of coffee each time.

Did you know these?

1 tablespoon of coffee equals 7-9 grams.

1 teaspoon of coffee equals 3-4 grams.

Step #4: Making coffee in the coffee machine:

  1. Put the coffee in the coffee maker spoon and spread it evenly by smoothing it with a finger or tapping it lightly on the counter.
  2. After the coffee powder is spread evenly over the surface, apply pressure with a coffee drum (15-20 kg).
  3. Then replace the strainer spoon and start the cooking process. You will see that the Espresso water flows in a lighter color after about 20-25 seconds.
  4. At this stage, you need to finish the process because all the flavors that should be taken from the coffee powder have passed.
  5. If you do not stop the water flowing, the density and aroma of the Espresso will be lost.