Smoky Eye Makeup

How to Make a Smoky Eye Makeup: Practical Smokey Eye Makeup Inspired by Chanel Catwalk

If you have mastered the smokey eye makeup technique, you are very lucky. However, if you are still unable to do this technique or are afraid to try it; don’t worry. Because the vamp smokey eye make-up that takes over the Chanel Spring / Summer 2021 podium and complements all those classic silhouettes actually constitutes a very easy make-up option.

chanel podyumundan ilhamla pratik smokey goz makyaji 1

Chanel’s global makeup artist Lucia Pica; It creates an extremely soft look that gives a spiritual feel to all that dark look. “It’s a pretty strong make-up but also looks pretty fresh. In a way it feels like the ’90s Winona Ryder.” he says and adds, “because of the mask now we have to consider our eyes we use more to express our feelings. You can not see each other we smile, so it will help to highlight the eyes. I find myself more mascara and using more eye shadow.”

How to Make a Smoky Eye Makeup Practical Smokey Eye Makeup Inspired by Chanel Catwalk rb

How to Make a Smoky Eye Makeup

  1. What you have to do is quite simple.
  2.  Applying a black (and of course non-dusting) shadow to your entire eyelid with a brush or finger. 
  3. Apply from mild to intense; will reduce the risk of error. Light up the eye fountains with a silver headlight and skip the pencil step. 
  4. Complete the look with intensive use of mascara.

Lightly fill the brows for the rest of the look; leave lip and skin make-up matte.