You can learn how to make donut buns from savior hairstyles in this guide.

How would you like to meet the donut bun model that never goes out of fashion? This hairstyle, which looks both classic and modern, is the savior of special occasions. You can donut your hair in minutes for a sudden daytime activity. Our favorite thing about this bun model is that it is suitable for bad hair day! So, you can easily make this hairstyle even on days when your hair is not in shape. Now prepare your ingredients, we are making donut bun with you.

Requirement list:

Mace sponge

Hair band

Bobby pin

Hair spray


Donut bun making

How to make a donut bun?

First, comb your hair thoroughly from root to tip. If your hair looks dull and lifeless, you can apply hair care oil to the ends.

After you comb your hair, make a tight ponytail above. If you want your bun to look shabby, you shouldn’t pull the ponytail too tight. You can look cooler by removing thin strands of hair around the edges of your ears.

Put your sponge bun clasp where you gathered the ponytail and run all your underlying hair around this bun. While doing this, you should make sure that all your hair is spread evenly and that the sponge is well covered.

Editor’s suggestion: When buying the bun sponge, you should make sure that it is the same color as your hair color.

You can braid your hair under your bun and wrap it around your bun. If you want a shabby look, you can also do this by twisting your hair instead of braiding.

If you want to make your bun look fuller, you can enlarge your bun by pulling your hair with your fingers.

Finally, spray your hair and enjoy your donut bun!