Android mobile blocked

How to know if an Android mobile is free or is blocked

When Android mobile blocked we buy a second-hand mobile or through an operator, it can be very useful to know if it is free or not. In this article we see what we can do to know that data.

For a few years now, it is very common for all phone companies to sell free phones. This means that it does not matter which SIM card you put in them: they will work without problems, come from the operator they come. However, a few years ago the normal thing is that the phones were blocked, and therefore they were only able to read the SIM cards of the company that had originally sold them to you. If you bought your phone in a shopping center, no problem: it is sure to be free. 

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If you bought it with a tariff through your operator, then it is easier not to be clear if it is blocked or not . Whatever your case, in this article we are going to tell you what you can do to find out.

The most basic: try to put the SIM of another operator

As we have already mentioned, by definition a blocked mobile will not allow you to work with a SIM card that is not from the operator that originally sold it. That said, try putting another SIM card in it and see if the phone has coverage when you turn it on. If so, the phone is not locked.

It is the easiest method to carry out, also the most basic, but one whose results cannot be argued with. The bad? That you need a SIM card from a company other than yours. You can ask a family member or friend for the duration of the experiment, anyway.

Via IMEI code

If you don’t want to have to go around opening the phone’s card slot to do the above test, you can always check if the phone is locked with its IMEI code. This code, for those who do not know it, is a unique identifier, each terminal has its own. The most common way to check it is by opening the phone application and typing * # 06 # .

After obtaining it, you will have to copy it somewhere and go to a website that allows you to check IMEI codes, where you should enter yours without spaces or dashes. If the phone is locked it will specify it, otherwise it will show the name of the operator.

Keep in mind that some of these websites may want you to pay for this service, while others will offer it completely free of charge.


Through the phone itself

Another way to know if your phone is free or not is through the phone. The process would be similar to finding out the IMEI, with a secret code or USSD code. A “secret code” is understood to mean that special telephone number with asterisks and hash marks, which you have to enter in the phone app to access system functions and menus that are generally reserved for technical services (in fact, a mobile phone has one or various service menus accessed from the phone app ).

There is a list with codes that are universal (we, in fact, made one at the time), although to access this information in each terminal you will have to enter a different code (we offer you some below). Likewise, in each terminal the information is displayed differently:

  • Huawei : in the phone app dial: * # * # 2846579 # * # *. In the menu, select now Project Menu , and enter the Network Settings option , where you must go to SIM Card Lock sate query . If the text “SIM Card Lock state NW_LOCKED” appears, you have a free mobile.
  • Samsung : Dial * # 7465625 # on the phone. If the word OFF appears on the screen , the phone is free.
  • LG : enter device settings and go to About phone> Software info> Software version . If the combination of letters and numbers ends in EUR-XX , your phone is free.
  • Sony : in the phone application dial * # * # 7378423 # * # *. Then click on Service info , then on Settings and there look for Rooting status . If YES appears there , your phone is free.

If the manufacturer of your phone does not appear here, check your specific case and look for the corresponding code. The best thing in these cases is that you document everything you can to know exactly what you have to look for.

Through the operator

If nothing of what we have told you so far helps you, then you always have to ask. If you bought your phone through your operator, you can always make a phone call to find out if your phone is free or blocked. They will ask you for a series of data to confirm which terminal it is and, once the process is finished, you will have the information.