How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life

How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life

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How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life

How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

How to increase libido according to science and thus improve your sex life

“Only your warm heart, / And nothing else.” Thus begins the poem I wish that wrote Federico García Lorca in 1921. I wish it were so simple and desire would always wake up like that, but there are times when libido seems to slip through our fingers and we find ourselves inappetent, listless and without any type of sexual desire.

It is possible that someone has told you something like that chocolate is an excellent aphrodisiac or that “we have to eat oysters” to increase libido, but unfortunately science does not support either one or the other, as we explained when talking about the truths about aphrodisiac foods in our sex lives .

Luckily, there are ways to increase libido according to science , although if there are unresolved desire problems and with these “remedies” we do not get anything, it is best to go to a professional to guide us on what could be happening.

Why can we have a low wish

María Esclápez, psychologist and sexologist, explained her book Sexual intelligence , that “the motivation that initiates the sexual response is none other than desire”, and this can be cultivated as if it were a little plant, although there are times when that little plant dries up. Libido is fluctuating, that’s why we have times with more desire and others with less.

Sexual intelligence: Practice smart sex. Develop your sexual potential (Lifestyle)

We have already explained to you on more than one occasion that sexual appetite is related to our mood or even physical problems that can affect our libido. We can have a lot of work that affects our desire to relationship problems or illnesses that result in a decrease in libido, such as depression.

The Stress, for example, is the arch enemy of sexual life , because it affects our libido, but there are other reasons why desire may decrease, such as the use of certain medications or some illness. It is important to first find out if the decrease in our libido is related to a physical problem or not in order to act accordingly, hence the need to go to a professional to help us.

In addition, libido, like pleasure, is different for each person and there is no established “normal desire”. Each person is different, and a low sex drive for me may not be for you. Having a low or even non-existent sex drive is not always a bad thing. We are not broken (or broken) and we can live perfectly being asexual or having little or no sex . If you are still looking for increase your sexual appetite, we will tell you how to do it according to science.

Reduces stress levels

It is one of the most common reasons and that most affect libido. Sustained stress over time has negative effects physically and mentally, and also affects sexual health according to this study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine .

It affects our hormonal levels causing we generate more cortisol (the stress hormone), which inhibits hormones that promote sexual desire . The body focuses on resolving the conflict that stresses us, reducing sexual responses to “focus.” Thus, decrease stress levels will positively affect sexual appetite and will enhance desire.

Activate your imagination

Just like explained to us the sexologist José Luís García, “the brain is the sexual organ par excellence” , so using it to imagine erotic situations will get you libido increase .

It is shown that erotic reading has effects on sexual desire , like erotic audios. Activating the imagination, for example, with a sexual fantasy, is a way to increase libido according to science. Find out what we like ( with the help of sex toys such as the Satisfyer , for example) helps us to awaken that imagination and seek our pleasure, it can be the tool to activate our most erotic (and cerebral) part.

Through masturbation and letting ourselves be carried away without prejudice or taboos, imagining different situations, we can little by little water the plant of desire that we were talking about before.

Talk about sex

Statistician David John Spiegelhalter analyzed for his book Sex by Numbers how many times a day we thought in sex. According to this study , college-age men think about sex 19 times a day, but the figure rises if you talk more about sex with your partner.

Have conversations about sexuality, practice sexting or simply talking about your fantasies, it will have an aphrodisiac effect not only about you, but also about your partner. Also if we analyze the importance that communication has on couples , we will not only be increasing libido, but also deepening the intimacy of the couple and thus improving our relationship.

Sex by Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behavior (Wellcome Collection) (English Edition)

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