Windows 11 how to test the Preview today

Windows 11: How to get the first public preview of Windows 11

The new version of Microsoft’s operating system is on the point of land in a pre-release version intended for developers. Learn how to install it on your machine without waiting for the release of its final version.

Windows 11 insider preview iso download
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Windows 11 insider preview download

On the 24th of last June, Microsoft introduced the new version of its operating system. Windows 11, along with many new features, benefits of an all-new interface, setting the opening and productivity.
The new OS from Microsoft, which should be offered for free in the form of an update to Windows 10, will be officially released by next fall, possibly in October if we are to believe some hidden clues that have left Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s products, during the presentation of Windows 10.

While waiting for the arrival of the stable version of the OS from Microsoft, it is already possible to test the new iteration of Windows. It is necessary to register for the programme Insider de Microsoft. The first build of Windows 11 is available, in principle reserved for developers, you will have a taste of what the new operating system of Microsoft.

But before that, you have to make sure we have a machine whose configuration meets the criteria imposed by Microsoft to install Windows 11. By the way, this build is reserved for developers and still in development, it is highly likely that it is unstable. Therefore, do not install it on your main machine and always make backups of your documents before if you want to install.

What is the minimum configuration required

To be able to install Windows 11 on your computer, it must be equipped with a processor 64-bit and clocked at 1 GHz or more, with at least two cores. Microsoft has published the list of the processors that Intel and AMD that will install Windows 11 (if your processor is not in one of these two lists, you can stop here, your PC will not be able to receive Windows 11).
It will also be important that the machine embeds 4 Gb of RAM, 64 Gb of storage space a minimum, a TPM 2.0 and that it has a UEFI compatible with Secure Boot . Moreover, it will have it integrates a graphics chip or SoC compatible with DirectX12.

How to check if your machine will be compatible ?

If you have a doubt, you will not be able alas not rely on the application PC Health Check that Microsoft had made available for you to check if your PC is compatible. It was removed by the american giant, and will not be back online later.

You can still turn to such third-party application, more efficient than that of Microsoft to find out if you can install Windows 11 on your computer.

How to join the programme Insider de Microsoft ?

Before launching its new versions of Windows in the stable version, Microsoft provides the ability to the test in order to make corrections and improvements. These tests are conducted with small groups of users. To be a part of it, you must become a member of the programme Insider de Microsoft, an option accessible to all Windows users.

To test pre-release versions of Windows, Microsoft offers a number of “channels” of test:

  • The Channel Dev, which allows testing of the Windows updates of the very latest in the development cycle and therefore can be very unstable, to be reserved, therefore, for advanced users.
  • The Channel Beta (recommended), which allows testing of the updates of Windows more stable to enjoy before all the world of future features.
  • The Channel Release Preview, which lets you test the next version of Windows in its stable version, before it is officially released to all users.

Microsoft not being for the time at the beginning of the development of Windows 11, the new operating system of the giant of Redmond will not be in a first time available as part of the channel Developer. Here’s how to install it.

1. Join Insider

Click on the menu Start, go to the Settings of Windows 10 and click on update and security.

In the left-hand column, enter the Program Windows Insider, and click on the button to Start.

To continue and to be able to join the program Insider, you need to connect a Microsoft account. Then click the Link an account.

If your Microsoft account is already logged in, select the profile, or connect to a different Microsoft account you want to use and click Continue.

2. Select the channel for updates

Once your Microsoft account is connected to the program Insider, a window is displayed to allow you to choose a channel update.

Choose the Channel Dev and click on the button to Confirm.

The window that follows explains that as Insider testing a new version of Windows, Microsoft will collect information from your PC, and that this release introduction Windows can be prone to bugs.

Click the button Confirm to confirm your registration in the program Insider.

Then, click on Restart now to restart your computer and save your preferences.

3. Update your PC

Once your PC has restarted, click on the menu Start, enter in the Settings of Windows, and go to the menu Updates and security.

In the left-hand column, make sure you be in the section Windows Update. Then click on the button Search for updates.

Update Windows 11 Insider Preview should be offered to you. Start the download and wait for the update to be repatriated on your machine.

Once the download of Windows 11 is completed, click on the button to Restart.

Your PC should restart and complete the installation of the preview Insider Windows 11.