How to Get Rid of Cockroaches? Once the cockroaches have settled in the house, you choose the land to get rid of them. These insects get into food, damage wallpapers, books, and electronics. It can also spread disease pathogens by contaminating food, appliances and household surfaces. You can put these pests in front of the door by using the most appropriate feed, pesticide, trap or obstacle approach.

To leave cockroaches hungry and thirsty

Cut off water supplies. Cockroaches are dependent on the water source. Insects can live for up to a month without nutrients depending on the temperature of the air and their size, but die in a week when they are dehydrated. Find and repair all water leaks in the house. Once the water resources are gone, cockroaches will be more interested in the gel-based food you put in.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches 2

Clean the house in a corner. An immaculate house is a must to keep cockroaches away and you should start from the kitchen. Immediately after eating, wash the dishes and put them in the fridge. Instantly clean crumbs, spills, and keep the kitchen generally clean. Be especially careful on the stove because cockroaches love oil.

Keep the dishes. Keep the food containers closed and do not expose food for a long time. Do not leave dirty dishes open all night and put fruit on the counter.

Clean the floor regularly. It prevents the crumbs and places in this place from being sticky. Take care not to wet the walls. Remember, cockroaches need water.

Empty the trash regularly. Have a separate trash can at home to throw food into it. Do not let this remain unloaded for a long time. Whether the trash can is with the lid, not the ones that are constantly open. When you take out the garbage, throw it in containers with lids that are not near the house.

Using Cockroach Feed

Get cockroach bait. Cockroach food can either be found in containers that children cannot open or is applied as a slow-acting gel mixed with attractive foods for cockroaches.

Cockroaches eat the poison and carry it to their nests, and the poison kills all the cockroaches here.

Put the bait in a place where you are sure that cockroaches will meet (for example near skirting boards, under the sink or in the corners of the room). In order to eat as many cockroaches as possible and carry them to the nest, the feed must be placed as close as possible to the nest.

Most cockroaches contain 0.05% Fipronil or 2% Hydramethylnon as active ingredient. Cockroaches eat this poison, feces in their nests and other cockroaches contact this poison and die.

It can take several weeks to kill cockroaches with this method. When the first generation of cockroaches dies, new eggs will emerge, and more cockroaches will have to be poisoned to completely destroy the nest.

Try homemade cockroach baits. Mix one part powder (not granule) boric acid (sometimes sold as cockroach medicine, but it is also often found in pharmacies) with one part white flour and one part powdered sugar.

  • Sugar and flour attract cockroaches, and boric acid kills them.
  • Sprinkle the dust behind the cabinets and shelves, under the refrigerator, oven, and so on.
  • You can make a similar mixture with 1 part boric acid, 2 parts flour and 1 part cocoa.
  • Prepare for cockroaches to disappear and reappear in at least 3 cycles, each lasting about 2 weeks and gradually getting smaller.
  • Keep using boric acid until all of them die.
  • Kids, dogs and other pets can also eat this mixture. Boric acid is only for external use, although not very toxic to humans or pets. So put it only where insects can reach.
  • This mixture hardens and agglomerates in damp environments, so you may need to put it on paper or aluminum foil to prevent damage to the floor and floor.

Using Insecticide

  • Use soapy water. This is an easy way to kill adult cockroaches. Make a mixture of soap (as well as shower gel) and water as often as you can spray with a spray bottle.
  • You can pour it, squeeze it or spray it directly on the cockroach.
  • A mixture of just 2 or 3 drops of soapy water can kill a cockroach. As long as it touches the insect’s head and lower abdomen. If you have the opportunity to reverse the cockroach, squeezing it on your stomach is the most effective. The cockroach will escape or try to escape, then suddenly it will stop and die within a minute or die.
  • Soapy water creates a thin layer on the respiratory pores of the cockroach, and its surface tension keeps it in place. Thus, the cockroach dies by drowning.
  • Throw out the cockroach right away because it can recover if the water on it dries or if most of your body is not wet.

Use insecticide spray

  • Choose a drug that contains Siflutrin or a similar insecticide as the active ingredient, which is stated on the label that it can be used against cockroaches.
  •  Wherever cockroaches are likely to hide or enter the house, under the walls, cracks and culverts.
  • When taking medication, remove pets and children; Follow all safety instructions on the product label.
  • If you are also using cockroach food, do not squeeze the insecticide near the feed. If the spray gets on eating, cockroaches can stay away from the feed.
  • Although using spray against cockroaches prevents them from appearing for now, it can cause insects to settle well into the walls and make the problem even worse.
  • So you have to eliminate both the cockroaches you see and the cockroach nest.