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How to Get PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement?

We explain the most critical steps you need to do for PUBG Mobile Outstanding Success. Now you can get one step closer to professional acting in this way. Being very successful in the game will not be enough for you to earn the title of excellence. Having really learned the game and acting accordingly will raise you to the title of PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement Title?

We will talk about what you need to do to get the PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement Title. In this way, you will be able to have the title that has an important place in the game. For a long time PUBG Mobile players have been asking us for a guide to Outstanding Achievement. How to get what will be included in the guide? Thus, we share the answer to the question.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement?

  • Login to the game,
  • Click on “Achievements” from the place of duty,
  • Try to do the tasks in order.

By doing the tasks in the PUBG Mobile game, you can complete the superior success stage and become the owner of the title.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement

PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement Cheat

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement

We answer questions about PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement. If you have any questions you have in mind or wonder, you can write a comment. All your questions will be answered by us in the most accurate and fastest way.

What is PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement?

PUBG Mobile Outstanding Achievement is a title given to players by the game. The Outstanding Achievement Title is awarded to players who successfully complete all tasks in the game. This indicates that the player is a successful player and knows the requested information.

How do you get the sharpshooter achievement in PUBG mobile?

To get the title of “Sharpshooter” in PUBG one has to kill 3 enemies in solo with headshot/single bullet kills using a Sniper Rifle. To achieve this title there is one more constraint, you have to be at platinum tier or above to complete it. The kills should be consecutive, you have to kill 3 enemies with 3 bullets.

How do I get a 1 100 PUBG title?

Search for cakes in some places like Villa, Dino Park, military base etc. Just eat the cake , you will get full healing power and after eating 6 different cakes, you will get 1/100 title.

Is Mini 14 a sniper?

Mini 14 is the most basic sniper rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo and its substitute for the Sanhok map is the QBU. Mini 14 has the lowest damage (46) among the DMRs and snipers that use 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo. Both the Mini 14 and QBU have extremely long range, which is highest among the DMRs.

How do you get the #1 title in PUBG?

#1 Well-Liked

The easiest title that a player can achieve in PUBG Mobile is the Well-Liked one. It is given to a player on receiving 1000 likes in the game. A player can give a like to his teammates when a match ends.