How to Make YouTube 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours?

Youtube, the world’s most preferred video sharing site, made a significant change in its monetization strategy about two years ago. However, there is no reason not to be rich and make money on Youtube, the world’s most used video sharing site.

How To Get 4000 Watch Hours on Youtube

It takes one year to get 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes) if you maintain 20,000 minutes of watch time per month. Your watch time is divided across your entire YouTube channel. So you can achieve 4,000 watch hours with a few great videos. Focus on quality over quantity.

The development of the system in order not to give money to anyone who gets in front of it and to create quality content has raised many questions. ‘What is 1,000 Subscribers on Youtube?’ Are you ready to find the answers to the questions ‘Why 4,000 Hours of Watch is needed’? how to get 4000 watch hours on youtube hack how long does it take to get 4000 watch hours free youtube watch hours

What is Youtube?

Since there may still be people who do not know, let’s briefly talk about Youtube’s establishment story. Youtube is a site that was founded in 2005 when two close friends wanted to send videos to each other. Two friends who wanted to send video and multimedia footage shot together during a party found an alternative after their difficult experience with email and MMS. When the friends who founded the site became two software developers working at Paypal, which was owned by Elon Musk and his friends at the time, the idea of ​​a website emerged.

How to Make YouTube 4000 Hours Watch Easy?

Popular video sharing site Youtube announced its new channel policies last year. With this rule, which started to be implemented on February 20, 2018, the advertising partnerships of channels that did not have 4000 hours of watch and 1000 subscribers in the last year were stopped. So what should you do for 4000 hours of viewing?

With the policy update, the ad display of channels without 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch was closed. After the YouTube channels that meet the conditions are reviewed, the advertising earnings are re-activated. But if you are one of those who say how to do these 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours, you are in the right place.

First of all, my advice to you is that you can fulfill the 1000 subscriber requirement with self-help groups on Facebook. So if you ask how do I find these groups, you can use the groups below.

Youtube Subscribers and Solidarity # 1 :

You will complete your subscribers this way. So how do you get 4000 hours of monitoring? There are many platforms on the internet that sell YouTube views. However, it both requires a budget and causes your YouTube account to be banned.

So how do we do this job?

We will provide real views from our own devices with the 5-person team we have set up the videos of the people who complete the following hourly tasks . All you have to do is complete hourly missions.

4 missions will be posted per hour. The videos of the people doing these tasks will be started to be watched within half an hour, depending on the density on the site. As a result of doing 1 task, you will earn half an hour of YouTube video viewing from the site . If you complete 4 tasks , you will gain 2 hours of YouTube views in 1 hour in total . Even if you perform tasks regularly during the day , a person who works 48 jobs a day will get 24 hours of YouTube views . Each mission takes 1 minute. In other words, if you do 10 tasks per day, you will be able to gain a total of 5 hours of viewing by sparing 10 minutes.


Average youtube revenue 1000 youtube views varies between 0.5-2 Dollars depending on the location and target audience. The numbers vary widely, with most channels earning an average of $ 0.5 for every 1000 views. 

This post will show you how and how much you can earn on YouTube . Making money is undoubtedly possible. Almost anyone can do it, the only question is how much money will be made out of it. Getting enough subscribers and viewers to really live is not easy.

Over time, surveys and studies earn money online is an income method that millions of people have made with their skills and abilities to generate income. Earning income from talent means you can monetize your talent. If you want to earn money by uploading videos to create, YouTube ‘u recommend. You have to create interesting and interesting videos , reach a high number of users and earn money. A good way to start your video is with the  intro. There are dozens of intro makers on the market that allow you to create quality intros that will give your videos a professional look. How to make a great intro to make a few YouTube videos in minutes without any extra knowledge  Check out our guide. 

YouTube  was founded about 10 years ago and has over 819,417,600 hours of video time.

In this post, we  ‘ll share ways to make money on YouTube  and success stories.

Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

From YouTube to monetize YouTube channel to your approved and can start earning using your AdSense account. Not all videos are eligible for monetization, you must meet the revenue generation criteria and comply with the YouTube Ads format to benefit from this service . This is a direct method of making money from YouTube .

One of the biggest  YouTubers  is  Olga KayHe recently announced in the New York Times that he had earned as much as $ 100k to $ 130k from YouTube in the past three years . That’s $ 8,300 – $ 10,800 per month, which is good money! This makes him one of the richest  YouTube  users.

To maximize your revenue , you need to upload videos on YouTube that attract lots of people and generate traffic because the more your video is viewed, the more you earn. ” How much do YouTubers earn per view?” You might be thinking, they earn an average of $ 0.5-2 for every 1k views. The secret to success is uploading videos that are interesting to viewers. YouTuber salary varies from user to user according to their efforts to popularize their channels.

To get more views and earn more money on YouTube , you should market your videos on sites like personal blog or website and other social media sites. Sharing the video embedded or sharing the link increases your chances of getting attention. Your video marketing campaign should be defined in detail.

Once you get your high-traffic content to generate revenue , you can apply to become a YouTube partner. If a partnership is awarded, you will have a wide range of content creation tools and the chance to win awards based on the number of views. You can apply for membership at any time, but for top affiliate programs you must have a total of 15k hours in the last 3 months. Before applying, you can check your eligibility for the program by looking at your YouTube channel statistics.

You are probably wondering how many YouTube subscribers you need to earn money . In fact, it is the number of views that matters, not the number of subscribers, and YouTube pays per view. However, we should also say that someone with 10,000 subscribers has higher chances than someone with 1,000 subscribers. Also, advertisers only pay when subscribers click on ads or watch a half-minute video. This means that if your video has been watched a million times but no ads were clicked, you won’t make any money.

To get more clicks, you must have an active YouTube subscription, which is only possible by posting content that attracts attention and uploading videos with high quality such as visibility.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics  lets you view reports and metrics for your videos and channel. It can be used in various YouTube values ​​and reports, such as traffic sources, watch time, and demographic reports. You can use your computer or mobile device to view the values.

YouTube  view statistics provides updates on your account earnings, and you can receive payments in line with YouTube’s payment limit.

Different ways to make money on YouTube

Everywhere on the internet, we see that making money on YouTube is as easy as posting videos, generating traffic and getting a share of ad-based revenue. This is a myth because you practically cannot earn a steady ad revenue on YouTube . Realistically, you only make a few thousand dollars for a million views, and a million views is not easy at all. Eventually you need to earn income in other ways.


One of the most common ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing, yet most affiliates don’t make an effort to earn enough revenue.

Like many affiliates, you can use a static blog to drive traffic to affiliate links, but if you do it with a live YouTube channel, it will have a catalytic effect. The internet turns to video as the main content and taking these steps will take you one step further.

Apart from advertising revenue, earning money on YouTube  can be done by negotiating sponsorships and so on.

How do YouTubers get their money?

So how do I get paid from YouTube ? There is no withdrawal option in AdSense, and any time higher than the minimum limit (usually $ 100) will be deposited directly into your monthly bank account. In some countries, AdSense can write checks, but can deposit directly to most contracted banks.

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