If you have not included Instagram, which reaches 200 million active users per month, in your social media marketing strategies, you are missing a lot.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time to be a member of Instagram . There is a membership that lasts for seconds. Let’s talk about the marketing aspect of the job; In particular demographic structure of the instagram user i Given the very significant instagram products and platforms that you can use for your company, which was no longer almost hear the matter. So, are your products and services in content that can be presented with photos? These and similar questions are questions that need to be answered when opening a corporate Instagram account .

If you can answer these questions and use Instagram matches your corporate goals, it will help you to be successful on Instagram by using the following 10 strategic steps.

How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

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1. Communicate with other users, network

The way to gain followers depends on recognition by many people. We meet people by going to various meetings and events. Why not do the same on Instagram? Liking the posts of Instagram users and writing comments increases your chances of being seen by others, and this increases the number of your followers.

2- Share photos of your employees and working environment 

People are curious about companies’ working environments and want to see how things work. McDonalds Why the Burgers in Ads Look Better than the Real Thing  This is the reason of being of viral videos.

Similarly, you can share the daily rush and events in your company with the followers. However, while doing this, be sure to ask your employees for permission. In terms of the positive image of your company, sharing the happy photos of the employees allows you to be followed by more people.

3. Post your Events or Products not elsewhere

In addition to the sharing of your employees, you can increase the number of your followers and make special posts to your Instagram followers. For example, if you are going to participate in the fair abroad, you can pre-share the visuals you will use in this fair. If you are going to launch a new accessory soon, you can share its images exclusively for Instagram users. This kind of sharing attracts the curiosity of people and the users who visit you become your followers.

4.Share graphics

For some brands, sharing graphics or cartoons attracts the attention of the followers. If your brand image is suitable for this, you can share like this, but if not, move on to the next step.

5. Make a Collage

We cannot create collages on Instagram, but there are many non-Instagram collage applications that attract attention can be shared using them. ( Instapic Frames, Pic Collage, Collage Shaper, Photo Shaper, Collage Maker, etc. ). Collage sharing allows you to share more content. The important thing here is to bring together different but relevant shares.

Below you can see how H&M implemented this.

Informative and remarkable sharing is made by bringing together four different frames. If you prioritize photo quality over content, more people will follow you.

6. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag

I have previously posted on the importance and correct use of hashtags. Creating relevant hashtags will allow your posts to reach more people.

If you use specific hashtags of your brand on different social platforms, use them on Instagram. Thus, users who follow you on other social platforms will continue to follow you on Instagram. Be sure to add relevant and frequently used hashtags to every photo you share. You can also find popular hashtags or related hashtags by searching on Instagram. It shows the closest to the hashtags you have searched on Instagram in the top ranking, so it is easier to find hashtags by avoiding a big mess. The use of popular but unrelated hashtags makes you look amateurish and your brand weak. It works in the short term but not in the long term.

7.Share your Instagram account on Facebook

As Facebook buys Instagram, these two platforms are almost in constant interaction with each other. Therefore, if you have a facebook page, you can add your instagram account here and make your instagram posts on facebook.

8.Keep your Instagram profile up to date

Your Instagram profile is as important as the photos you upload to Instagram. You have 150 characters to create an effective profile post. So write and share with people not only who you are, but also what you like and your interests. I have shared my article on effective profiling before .

Below you can see some sample profile accounts.

9. Generate traffic from your website to your Instagram account

If your website gets good traffic, don’t forget to add icons for your social media profiles. If relevant, you can also attract visitors to your website by adding photos and videos from Instagram to your blog.

10.Share photos that attract attention to your posts

Instagram is a platform built entirely on virtual visuals. Therefore, it is very important to make regular posts in order to maintain the interest of your followers.

To share photos Spotlight Lumia Snapseed, PicMonkey, and Color Splash Pixlr can create compelling photographs using applications like. You can create better quality photos with apps like PopPhoto and CIO.

To summarize, in order to increase your Instagram followers, you need to give importance to your photos to be of good quality and to share and network that will attract the attention of your followers. Thus, users will naturally follow you.

What is your opinion?

Which method is the best for you or are there any other methods you apply to increase your Instagram followers? What are you doing to increase followers on Instagram? I would be very happy if you contribute to this article by sharing it below.