How To Freeze Your Camera on Google Meet

How To Freeze Your Camera Google Meet on Your Phone And Computer!

Many of you wonder if you can use Google Meet without your video, that is, without showing your face? Yes, it is not mandatory to keep the camera on when you join an online class, conference call or a conference. Remote meeting at Google Meet. While it may seem simple, it can be a little tricky. Let’s see how to hide and hide yourself in Google Meet on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Change your mobile device’s camera or audio settings for Meet

Turn off your camera for Google Meet

To turn off your camera:

  • Tap Camera on Android.
  • Tap Camera on iOS.

Video resolution cannot be set with the Meet mobile app.

Reverse your mobile camera for Meet

During the video call, you can reverse your mobile device’s camera to show the room you’re in or your surroundings. The selfie view is used by default in the Meet app.

On Android:

  1. Open the Meet mobile app.
  2. Join a video call.
  3. Also  더보기on tap.
  4. Tap Change camera .

on iOS:

  1. Meet appOpen the Meet app  .
  2. Join a video call.
  3. Turn the cameraTap the Change camera icon at the top right  .

Disabling automatic camera low light adjustment

When you’re in a dark place, Meet automatically increases the brightness of your camera’s light so you can be seen clearly in the video call. If you don’t want Meet to automatically adjust the light, you can disable low light mode.

Tip: This setting is only available on iOS devices.

  1. Meet appOpen the Meet app .
  2. Join a video call.
  3. OtherTap the More icon at the bottom right .
  4. Settings Tap the settings icon and turn off next Adjust video for weak light  .

Tip:   If you want Meet to automatically increase the brightness of your camera’s light again, you can 8RXW5dH1Vvt76cWDAWZhTV0P8eObjW5WubTu42gIc10yDnKvjzXgX25qebTCB5VEaFY=w18enable the Adjust video for poor light  option.

Change the sound system for Meet on your mobile device

While in a Google Meet video call on your mobile device, you can switch between different audio systems.