How to rotate the computer screen? My computer screen is upside down, how can I fix it? How to turn the computer's screen right, left? 

How to Flip Computer Screen? Computer Screen Rotation!

How to rotate the computer screen? My computer screen is upside down, how can I fix it? How to turn the computer’s screen right, left? If you are looking for answers to these questions and a solution to your problem, in this article, we explained how to turn the screen in the direction you want on all computers with Windows operating system (desktop, laptop, etc.). Here is the answer to the question of how to rotate the screen on the computer..

The Windows operating system has an interesting feature, but it is not known or known by many users, but it does not need to be used. This feature is the ability to change the orientation of the screen in Windows, in other words, the screen rotation feature.

This feature of Microsoft is unknown today. Unknownness also creates problems for some users. Some users sometimes accidentally use this feature while making adjustments with the screen of the computer, while others indiscriminately press the key combinations that apply this feature on the computer’s keyboard. For these reasons, the screens of their computers are inadvertently turned to the right, left or upside down.

It makes a lot of effort to fix its screens after this problem. If you have encountered this problem, do not worry, the solution is quite simple.

You can turn your computer’s screen back into its normal state with the key combinations you apply from your computer’s keyboard. If you wish, you can turn your computer screen in any direction you want at any time.


You can rotate the screen of your computer in any direction (right, left, reverse, straight (normal)) at any time by using the rotation / rotation feature. You can apply this process in Windows 7 and all versions of Windows with this method. You can also do this in 2 different ways.

However, we will explain this process with keyboard key combinations, which is the most practical and simplest method.

If you wish, you can change this feature in the display settings of your computer, but the process you will do from there is a bit more difficult than this. The choice is yours.

Let’s take a look at how to rotate the computer’s screen!

You can flip the computer screen by pressing just 3 keys on your keyboard to flip.

These keys are: “CTRL + ALT + DIRECTION KEYS” 


To turn the screen of your computer in the direction you want, first press the CTRL and ALT keys together, and while these keys are pressed, press the direction keys to turn your screen to the direction you have pressed.

That is, press CTRL + ALT + LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW keys to flip the screen left or right .

Press CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW to flip the screen 180 degrees .

Press CTRL + ALT + UP ARROW to turn your screen back to normal .

When you press these keys, your screen will turn to the direction you wish.

Computer Screen Rotation!

NOTE: You can use this key combination on some computers with 2 key combinations other than the above method. This double key combination is in the form of Alt Gr + Direction keys. You can use either method you prefer.