The wireless adapter or access point problem can actually be called the problem of not being able to connect to the internet. Not being able to connect to the internet in the 21st century can be called a truly frustrating experience. Especially since everyone is at home due to the Covid-19 virus, it can be called a sad event that you cannot use the internet service you purchase from your internet providers properly. Today I will tell you about the possible causes of this problem and what you can do to solve it.

What is Wireless Adapter or Access Point Problem?

Based on the wireless adapter or access point problem, it can be referred to as being unable to properly connect to the internet or receiving a very low signal. There are many reasons for this. Your modem may be too old or broken. At least if wifi has 802.11 ac, ie wifi 5 platform, it is not that old. Another reason for the low signal may be that the necessary hardware in the device with the ability to connect to the wireless internet may be damaged or you may not have installed the drivers required for this hardware.

The cmd Commands To Be Used Are:

  1. Netsh winsock reset
  2. Netsh int ip reset
  3. Ipconfig /release
  4. Ipconfig /renew
  5. Ipconfig /flushdns
  6. Exit

Finally problem solved!

How to Solve Wireless Adapter or Access Point Problem?

To fix this problem, try to connect to the internet with another device. In this way, is the problem caused by the internet signal distributor or your device? We can understand that. If the problem is modem, I recommend you to buy a faster and modern signal distributor, but if the problem is with your device, you can search the site of the company that produces the device and install all the drivers you have not installed.

These include the driver required for wireless connection. Apart from that, if there is still a problem with the device, the necessary hardware for the device is in a problematic situation. You can contact the technical service of the manufacturer of your device. Let’s say you have this problem within the case PC. New generation motherboards also have the necessary hardware for wireless connection. In this case, you can check your motherboard manufacturer’s website for the driver.

Wireless Adapter or Access Point Problem: Asus

This problem does not matter between brands. It is more of a global problem and not just device related. If you think the problem is hardware related after doing all the tests I mentioned. I recommend you to contact the authorized Asus technical service.

Wireless Adapter or Access Point Problem: Lenovo

Although this perception has gradually disappeared from the last period, there is a distrust of Chinese manufacturers. If you actually look. Lenovo has been selling products to the whole world for years, let alone our country, and it is a very successful company. Even if we think that this problem is something that may occur on a global scale, it is useful to contact Lenovo authorized technical service. I’m sure they will help you.