How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working

How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working Issue?

Thanks to WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp can be used on the web browser, but sometimes users may encounter the problem of WhatsApp web not working.

WhatsApp has just passed 2 billion users. One of the most important reasons why WhatsApp has become so popular is cross-platform usability. In 2015, the popular instant messaging application announced the WhatsApp web service. Sometimes users may encounter WhatsApp web not working issue . So how to fix this problem?

What To Do For WhatsApp Web Not Working Problem

Thanks to WhatsApp Web, we can use WhatsApp via the web browser without the need for a smartphone, but sometimes the WhatsApp Web platform does not work. So how to fix such a problem? In this post, we explained how you can fix the WhatsApp web not working issue . Here’s what can be done for the error encountered on the WhatsApp web!

1.Check Web Browser Compatibility

WhatsApp officially supports a number of browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox and Safari, but if you are using Internet Explorer or any other unsupported web browser, WhatsApp web may not work. For this reason, it is important to check web browser compatibility.

2.Sign Out and Sign In Again

Logging out and logging back in can help fix the WhatsApp web not working issue. To log out of WhatsApp Web, click the three vertical dots icon in the upper left. Click the “Exit” button on the window that opens. The session will be closed as a result of this operation. Then open the WhatsApp application installed on your smartphone and immediately tap on the WhatsApp web option on the settings page. Scan the data matrix in the browser on the page that opens.

3.Log in in Private Window

The web browser saves cache, cookies, and other data to quickly reload most visited websites. Sometimes this can prevent WhatsApp Web from working properly. For this reason, open WhatsApp Web in incognito window.

4.Disable VPN Service

VPN services have their advantages. Examples of these benefits are online privacy, online security, and freedom from geographic restrictions, but the VPN service you use may prevent WhatsApp Web from working properly. For this reason, disable the VPN service before entering WhatsApp Web.

5.Check WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Web not working may not be caused by you. WhatsApp’s servers may be down and the service may be temporarily disabled for this reason. For this reason, you can check the status of WhatsApp servers on the Downdedector website .