The update of the OQEE TV app is available on your Freebox Player POP. To take advantage of the updates, it’s simple, just restart your Player POP.

How to fix: Rash Error 5202 Freebox Pop

The update brings the following changes:

  • Correction du problème Rash Player Error DrmSessionManager Error Failed to open session
  • Fixed a crash when playing a TV stream
  • Better management of TVs that do not support HDCP security
  • Fixed a crash when programming a recording
  • Fixed a bug where the date was taken into account when programming manual recording
  • Added information on recording screens during a live
  • Taking into account of the profile name change after editing

Hello huge problem, let me explain

  • I have the pop player with oqee tv I am having the problem Rash error # 5202 license error on all channels so I can not watch tv channels anymore.
  • I refreshed my rights in the settings of oqee I also reset the pop player but no luck.
  • I used the pop player in wifi and ethernet but this still did not solve my problem.

This task does not depend on another task; Problem solved by a Technician at the top of the Bordeaux call center